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Glimpse of Gorgeous: All (Summer) Dressed Up and Ready to Go!

Summer is here! It's time to forget about schoolwork, catch up with friends, lounge by the pool, take a vacation, and go after that summer fling (or better yet, let him come after you!), but theres always that one dreaded dilemma:Whatever shall you wear?

Summer fashion is risky. There is a fine line to be drawn between classy and trashy. Consequently, denim skirts and tube tops have a funny way of blurring that line. So, how does one maintain her elegance while staying cool and above all, cute? Well, I personally have already found my summer love: Dresses. Cute, comfy summer dresses.

There is nothing more fabulous than flouncing around in a light summer dress and lucky for us, dresses are making a comeback! They come in all different styles, lengths, and prints making it a guarantee that you will find one perfect for any summertime occasion.

I've found a great selection of dresses everywhere I've shopped thus far. Don't be afraid to check out places like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls who have cute, inexpensive, brand name clothes.

Now you can stop secretly wishing that Cinderella's fairy godmother would bring you the perfect outfit. Put down the matches, step away from the closet, throw on that fabulous dress, go out, and be GORGEOUS.

Style Wednesdays: Have Your Cake and Wear it too

Okay ladies it's that time of year when the tootsies are coming out in some fly sandals. Make sure they're in tip-top condition and that they stay that way all summer because it's gunna be a long fashionably forward one.

Comfort never used to be an issue for me until I started really having to walk around the city for my magazine internship. But I would NEVER part with my 4 inch "get-em-girl" here's an option to try if you're like me and you still want your feet to work in 10 years - Dr. Scholl's Inserts.

Style Wednesday: Got the Blues?

Jeans never go out of style. The problem is,it's one TYPE of jeans that's the hot pick for the moment and it switches up so swiftly that our damn wallets can't keep up.

My approach is to keep it classic, and treat myself to a pair of whatever's blazing once in a while. I'm still in love with those skinny pencil jeans but this summer, the trouser type with a wider leg are coming back hard!

They're all over TV and the movies, but I can't seem to get into the trend. Check out what I Am Fashion's Blog has to say about it.

Wardrobe Essentials for Every College Girl’s Closet

"In college, money is always an issue, but there are 10 major clothing investments every fashionista should make. These items are the foundation of your wardrobe."

Wardrobe Essentials for Every College Girl's Closet

"In college, money is always an issue, but there are 10 major clothing investments every fashionista should make. These items are the foundation of your wardrobe."

Style Wednesday: Color Me Gorgeous!

I don't know about you, but the dark depths of winter make me beautify in the most morbid ways. Jet black liner, dark nails polishes, etc.

Spring into a new beauty regiment like I am, and experiment with funky, bright colors.They'll brighten up your mood and there's new products out in every line.

Check out what has to offer!

Style Wednesday: Say Word?

As an English major - words are delicious to me, so I especially love this new trend. Designer Janna Connor of Los Angeles conceptualized these bangles by clipping typography from French, Spanish, and Chinese fashion magazines, waterproofing the paper, then lacquering them onto silver and gold rings of different sizes and widths.

Ta-da! Simple, sexy and intellectual - can it get any better? Daily Candy has raved about them, so if you're interested, visit

Style Wednesday: The Essential Trench

Spring fashion is nothing without a sexy trenchcoat. Whether you're planning to pair it up with some oversized shades and a sassy pout, or you're just trying to protect yourself from gusty winds - it's a staple.

Since items go in and out of style in a flash, it's smart and economical to invest to a piece of clothing that will endure, but still make you feel like a star.

Check out Vibe Vixen's take on the essential Trench.

Style Wednesday: Bag It Up

Though we would all love to embody the designer sex appeal that exists when carrying a couture clutch, the reality is that it’s just not a reasonable way to spend 500-800 bucks. It’s going to be “so last season” in a few months anyway, so why even bother?

Fear not, because there’s a way you can live out your Sex and the Campus fantasy without ending up in debt. There’s this website called Bag Borrow or Steal that rents out fabulous high end bags for a very reasonable fee. My girlfriends and I think it’s the most brilliant thing since the Peach Cosmo was invented. Check it out and let me know if you share my sentiment

Style Wednesday: Light Up Your Life!

Okay, I might be a little overzealous about makeup but I think this a cute new treat for your cosmetics bag this Spring.

"Go Light On My Lips" is a new company that makes lipgloss, among other makeup items, that have a built in mirror and a light up wand. These fun and practical products were created by celebrity makeup artist, Elena George. So go ahead - turn your lights down low - you'll still be armed with a perfectly painted pout!

Check out what FabSugar has to say about it...