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Style Wednesday: Not Making This Up

 When shopping for makeup, your choices are usually pretty simple. Looking for lipstick, you might search for red or pink. Trying to find some cover up, you thumb around for a word that matches your skin tone, such as olive.

But in some cases, you might look up something like... oh I dunno... Orgasm Blush? Maybe a little Velvet Teddy lipstick?

And yes, these baudy names accompany real products! 

Want to read up on this topic? Check out this interesting article, and share some of your favorite makeup titles with us!

Makeup Names To Make You Blush .

Style Wednesdays: Organic Makeup?

 We all love to eat healthy, and if you don't... well, you at least know you should. Supermarkets and restaurants like Organic Planet, Wild Oats, and Aviva sell "whole" foods that are processed and refined as little as possible.

Whole Foods (the actual store) will be launching a new makeup line that utilizes crushed minerals and natural ingredients, rather then talcs, chemicals, and preservatives, ushering in a whole new line of natural cosmetics to market along with their natural food products.

While the price margin is high (these mineral based products will be selling from $15 - $37!), the quality is sure to be fantastic, and in the end, better for your skin.

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Style Wednesdays: Google Yourself A Discount

ShoppingShopping online can be fun and extremely convenient, all the products you want right at your finger tips! While some of us enjoy the comfort of being able to try on or touch whatever it is we're buying, many find online shopping just fine.

Many popular online stores even carry special discounts saved specifically for online shoppers. These discounts often appear right on the website as exclusive online offers, while some discounts are sent out via emails, contests, and the like. The trick to finding these special, unpublished discounts is as simple as going into Google.

Try searching for discounts offered by the online store, or visit one of the many websites that post these discount codes, such as . Here you can find the secret codes to grab yourself a couple dollars off a product and even free shipping!

Happy discount hunting!

Shorts For All Seasons

    Ah, the dreary middle of winter slump. Getting frustrated with the uniform of sweaters, jeans and Uggs? Tired of leggings under skirts? I feel your pain; fortunately the latest trend will remedy all of your winter wardrobe woes. Read More

Trend of the Week: Leg Warmers

*A Bush in the Oval Office, sky high gas prices, new wave throwback bands* (The Killers, Bloc Party, The Bravery), soda companies producing ridiculous new soda flavors (Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper the new New Coke?) it certainly feels like we've been thrown back into the delicious era of the eighties! Well, if we're stuck in some kind of time warp, we might as well embrace it and rock the latest trend to hit the lower legs of neo-mall rats everywhere, the leg warmer! "*Read more!*"://

The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

*Happy Thanksgiving!* Hope you're all enjoying the break. I don't know about you, but I am stuffed. I know one great way to burn off all those pumpkin pie calories would be to wake up at 4 am and go sale shopping, on the biggest shopping day of the year, "Black Friday."
*I'm staying in bed,* but for those of you shoppers who do brave the cold weather, long lines, screaming, kicking, and name-calling...well, good luck. Maybe report back to the rest of us on the great deals you got and _(while you're at it)_ let me know if there _really_ is kicking, name-calling, biting, etc. There probably isn't...wait, don't tell me. If I knew I wasn't risking personal safety _(since I'm currently insurance-less)_ I would probably go shopping. And that would be a lose-lose situation for me. I'd lose sleep and you see, *I'm better off thinking I'd get trampled to death if I went to Walmart at 5 am*. people enjoy your unabashedly risky shopping habits...maybe you'd like to run with the bulls in Pamplona, or go sky-diving too. *_You, risk-takers, you._*