10 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams

We all have dreams and goals that drive us to get to the career, school and relationships we want. But what if you are stuck ​and don’t know why you started these dreams in the first place? This happens from time to time. We get burnt out or we get stuck in comfortable routines.  But I believe dreams make our life colorful and fulfilling. Don’t give up on your dreams.


Below are my top ten reasons why that I follow my dreams:

1. Challenge yourself – You never know what you can achieve until you actually put together a plan of action and steps to achieve your goals. Some of it will be challenging, especially putting yourself out there, but it will be worth it.

2. To say you did it- Remember the feeling you had when you accomplished something you worked hard for? Use that as motivation to move forward towards your goals for that moment you can say to someone that YOU achieved your dreams.

3. To inspire others – When you finally reach your dream, you will be in a position that others can learn from you. Target your own role models and learn from them how they inspired others along their journey to fulfilling their dreams.

4. Reach your potential- Once you have one success, you are going to want to keep reaching your goals. Never stop growing and learning from others!

5. Meet new people- Along your journey to success, you are going to meet all kinds of people. You can learn from each one of them. Even the bad experiences can be used as a life lesson.

6. Find your passion- Working towards your dreams will bring you on a journey to help you find out what you are really passionate about.

7. Share your story- Everyone is unique and each one of us has a story that others can learn from. Sharing your story, including the struggles and successes, could help someone out in a way you never thought possible.

8. Because you can- We all have individual talents that we were given and developed to make our mark in the world. Believe in yourself and yourdreams.

9. To grow and learn from experience- Along this journey of fulfilling and living your dreams, it is okay if things change and your dreams change. This is an experience that involved a lot of growth and learning.

10. and most importantly… FOR yourself!- No one can achieve your dreams but you! You came up with these dreams and it is important to remember that you are the driving force in achieving them!

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