10 Smart Ways to Save and Splurge for Summer

Here's the very first confession from one of our readers...

I used to wear big, baggy jeans (think Hot Topic) and spend every Friday night socializing at the mall with other outcasts. Today, I'm the complete opposite. I love fashion and wear girly sundresses and miniskirts. I still go to the mall all the time, but only to shop!

Rajul's Take: Love this...the best part of being a woman is being able to change every day. Who knows who you'll be tomorrow?



When I think of summer, I think road trips, arcades, pool parties, barbecues and trying some new funky hairstyles. I think. . . because my bank account frequently tells me I can’t do it all. It’s time to find something awesome to do without spending a fortune! Here are 10 tips to help you save and splurge this summer; have fun and get the most bang for your your buck.


1. Get a part time job. Trust me you cannot go everywhere on mom and dad’s dime. If you take the initiative maybe your parents will consider matching your cash for trips you want to take.

2. Party of three or more? Try going out with a multitude of people. Splitting the costs of hotels or gas can be a real plus for your pocket if you’re staying out of town.

3. Go where you know. If you absolutely need a getaway look for local places where you or someone you know can provide free lodging should you need to stay the night or weekend. For example, Lake Martin in Alabama is a 20-minute drive from my grandparents’ home, can you say See ya later!  

4. Beware of dressing for every occasion. Don’t run to the nearest boutique for every barbecue or family gathering you attend. Save the new clothes for weddings or luncheons. Opt for something already in your closet instead or go to a thrift store.

5. Dinner with friends? Lunch? Ice cream? There is literally a special or happy hour for a vast majority of restaurants now. Find out when they are and push for those days and times to save on eating out, but still enjoy dining out with friends.

SPLURGE!: Because you can’t let all your money just sit there, right?

6. Remember when I said to get your parents to match your trips? Use that opportunity to go somewhere you haven’t this summer or to buy something you really want. An iPad, new cell, or just whatever you can think of.

7. Because I love to change my look through out the year, I practically splurge on updating my hair every season. Call your hairdresser up to maintain your tresses for your summer needs.

8. Know any newlyweds or have a graduation party? But don’t want to spend a lot of cash on the present? Splurge on your dress and find instructions for an amazing DIY gift that comes from the heart.

9. Concerts anyone? This one is obvious. Get out and experience the best tunes up close and personal this summer; nothing says warm weather like live music.

10. Manis and pedis can get costly; but feels like a necessity. Save a little by doing them yourself most of the month, but picking a week for a professional mani pedi trips can be a practical splurge.

What are your favorite ways to spend and splurge for summer. Share with us @UChic your favorite thoughts and tips.

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