10+ Trusty Travel Tips for Studying Abroad



Whether you are studying a semester abroad in an exciting new country or taking a fun trip across the globe with friends, here are top safety & travels tips to make your awesome adventure both safe & memorable!

1. Educate & research the area in which you are going- One of the most important tips and a great starting place is to learn as much as you can about where you are traveling to…there is never too much you can know about your destination that won’t come in handy on your journey

2. Passport- One of the most important pieces of identification information that is 100% necessary for travel…Make sure all information is accurate and up to date! Also, buy yourself a really cute case because you are not going to want misplace or lose this! Also it will cheer you up when you look at it because most likely you will not be a fan of your passport photo. 🙁

3. Make copies of all your important info- ID’S, SS CARD, CREDIT/BANK CARDS, BIRTH CERTIFICATES, ITINERARY, PLANE TICKETS  in case anything get’s lost or misplaced you will have extra copies if you need to access vital information quickly or need to cancel a stolen card ect.

4. Medications- Your always going to want to have any important or daily medications with you at all times…make sure to have a supply on you for longer than your stay in case of delays emergencies ect. & divide the medicine up between your carry-on and luggage in case one or the other gets lost

5. Purse control  invest in a cross body- An excuse to go shopping! What girl doesn’t love that? Maybe you already have one, but purchasing a cute and functional cross body bag is a smart purchase to make as it keeps your important belongings close to your body in a safe manner and keeps you hands free! In case of a dangerous situation where anyone makes a grab for your belongings or tries to steal your purse and threatens you always remember that your belongings are replaceable, but your life isn’t! Give them the bag!

6. Get your money in order- Most likely you are going to be dealing with a different currency so you are going to want to acclimate yourself with that and make sure you budget for emergencies and manage your finances to the best of your ability

7. Traffic safety- Another important thing to learn is about traffic flow and transportation, most likely you will be using a form of public transit or walking by foot so you will want to study up all the rules and directions to keep yourself safe as you travel to all your various destinations and avoid tickets ect. or learn if you need a metro card ect.

8. Stay hydrated- Something that we all take for granted, but it is so important to stay hydrated and keep
yourself nourished & replensished when out and about especially in super hot climates

9. Know emergency numbers/ register with embassy – It is so important to know all important emergency numbers and contact information and keep them with you at all times. Make sure to write down and make copies for yourself to keep in various places because your phone’s battery could die and then you won’t have access to them. A smart suggestion when you are traveling abroad is to register with the State Department’s free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive the latest travel updates and information.

10. Cell phone (international) – Research  international plans and rates so your phone is in working order from the minute you depart to when you arrive at your destination…also Outlets are usually different in other countries so you are going to want to make sure you have the correct chargers ect. Your phone will be one of your most valuable tools to check out information, download travel apps, contact people, and your number one safety tool to reach someone for help

11. Buddy system- Always, Always, Always let someone know where you are whether it be a friend, chaperone, family member, etc. it can save your life!

12. Learn some of the lingo– Teach yourself some of the top phrases and words so that your adjustment into your new destination is seamless and allows you to communicate with ease

13. Pack Smart– Try to pack as smart as you can! Keeping what your truly need! Not allowing yourself to overpack and weigh yourself down and have more to keep track of or prevent from losing, and of course allow yourself some room to bring home some reminders/gifts from your trip!

14. Adapt to the culture (fashion)- A fun part of being in your new local is to dress the part and adapt to your new culture’s sense of fashion…no one wants to stick out like a tourist! It’s also a good safety tip as well.

15. Leave your bling at home- While you might be tempted to bring along all of your special jewelry/talismans ect. it’s smart to just being a few favorites because you don’t want to risk them getting lost or having someone steal them from you

16. Medical insurance- So important! Not something anyone wants to think about, but it is so important to have med. insurance in case of an emergency or you get sick while traveling. You won’t regret it! It will keep you safe and save you from paying a humongous medical bill!

Au Revoir & Safe Travels!

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