1,000 Dreams Challenge: Week 2 Roundup

We are officially in the second week of our 1,000 Dreams Challenge and have been THRILLED by all the awesome entries that everyone has shared so far!

Each week we are featuring a roundup of standout entries from the #1000DreamsChallenge four week social media campaign to inspire YOU go out and live YOUR dreams!

Here are four of our favorite entries from girls just like you living their dreams in the media and entertainment world through blogging, social media and radio! Get inspired by their stories and don’t forget to vote for them here!

Check back next week to see if YOU are featured!!


Meet Amanda: “Blogging and social media have become my passion over the last few years. It started with owning a blog, working with the 1,000 Dreams Fund and countless other online platforms. Since then I have scaled back my online presence to focus on my blog The Happy Arkansan. I want to take my blog further, increase my social media presence and be able to help others with their dreams and goals. I would love to use part of this money to further my blog and use the rest to give back to others. My main mission in life is to help others by advancing my platform and helping others through a scholarship or charitable donation would be fantastic!”


Meet Maria: “My dream is to be a multi-media journalist and attend as many events as possible and cover as many topics as I can, especially in terms of Latino culture, technology and beauty. With this scholarship, I would purchase a laptop, voice recorder and use the funds to pay for school, internship transportation and for attending more events so I could meet more girls just like me.”

Meet Iris: “I am currently living my broadcasting dreams by interning at KTRE-9, a local TV station near my college campus, as well as being a contributing writer for The Pine Log, which is my school’s newspaper and on occasions helping out at a Spanish radio station in my hometown. If chosen, I would love using this grant to be able to pay tuition for my last semester in college.”


Meet Clarissa: “My hope is to one day expand my blog, She Knows The Rules, to something more. I would love to make a fund to help support female athletes and teams. My goal for the blog is to use its success and put it towards the greater good of its community.”

Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!