‘1000 Dreams Fund’ Update: Kimberly is the New Generation of Journalism

After a successful crowdfunding campaign during fall 2014, with help of Indiegogo, we were able to fund 13 dreams of young women nationwide. Some girls used the funding to help pay for school books, another girl purchased a camera to pursue photography, and others used it to study abroad.

For the next few months we will be catching up with the 1000 Dreams recipients and sharing their stories. This week we are following up with Kimberly Chexnayder, a young lady passionate about pursuing a career in political journalism. UChic, through the 1,000 Dreams Fund, provided Kimberly with a grant so she could purchase a new camera in pursuit of her dream career in journalism!




What challenges did you face?

I think one of my greatest challenges is finding the capability to pursue what I love, which is broadcast journalism. Journalism is a very cutthroat and competitive field of work. It’s smart to get ahead early. With the help of UChic and the 1000 Dreams Fund, I was able to cover President Barack Obama’s speech on the economy in Kansas City. Once I got over my nerves, the excitement set in! You can follow my journey here.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? 

If I could change one thing in the world, I would reverse the challenges and reputations put on women for wanting to succeed while trying to live out their dreams of being female leaders in the twenty-first century.

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Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!