Graduation Gifting: 5 Awesome DIY Ideas

Graduation, the time of year when 18 year-olds feel the most adult they have ever felt and college grads are excited, but wishing, too, they could go back for a moment to their earlier years. But the perfect fix for all graduation jitters: Gift giving!!

Thinking back on my graduation and post graduation needs, I came up with some simple DIY graduation gift ideas.

1. Something old and 2. Something new: Give a gift card. Don’t worry if it looks less sentimental. Make a hand made card or envelope to present it in. Make sure it’s for a store they actually use.

3. Something Borrowed: If you’ve ever borrowed something from a friend, girls especially, how about finding a neat way to return those things. Don’t worry if you’ve ruined a piece of their favorite tee shirt: turn it into a pillow they can take with them!

4.Something Blue: post graduation can have some bleak times. Try giving something that will serve as a pick me up when they’re down. Like a picture of a good time you’ve shared, a mixed CD of their favorite songs, or (if you’re like me) a pack of blueberry muffin mix.

5. Get artsy: all recent grads will need something to help them stay organized, whether with school work or at their new grown up job. Consider getting them a planner. Customized planners will cost a fortune online. Instead buy a less expensive planner and customize it yourself with words of encouragement, pictures, and doodles. If you’re really edgy, a DIY corkboard planner made from a large bulletin board for them to display as décor in an office or dorm is a great idea.

Last but not least:

My go to gift: The gift you can put all this stuff into. Gift bags or baskets! NOTHING I repeat NOTHING is better than digging through to see what is in the bottom. Build the bag or basket to include whatever you want. Office supplies, small decoration trinkets, a gag gift or two that explains your relationship. Leave a catchy note in the bag for the final touch!

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