1st Seal of Appeal – Margaret Nicole!

In keeping with all things designer _(my friends and I are obsessed with acquiring a designer piece since The Devil Wears Prada)_ I thought I’d check out some of the goods at “Bluefly.com”://www.bluefly.com These Christian Dior sunglasses are still a splurge at $144, but they’re 40% off the designer’s price.

Music Buzz: A Catchy Tune by Paris Hilton?

I probably should have mentioned this a month ago when I first stumbled across it, but it didn’t really seem newsworthy. Okay, so it still isn’t newsworthy, but it’s just odd. The song is called Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton, and the reason it’s odd is that it’s surprisingly catchy. Is it poorly-written and formulaic? Yes. Is Paris Hilton the farthest thing from a reggae artist? Yes. Do I find myself humming it in the car on a hot summer day? Yes.

…Did I mention the video is pointless though? “Endure the video ‘courtesy’ of GoogleVideo”://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5615212328010933613

Rooney & Kelly Clarkson

I love Rooney. They’re one of my favorite bands. They had a mildly popular hit two years ago called ‘Shakin’ which was featured on the O.C., _(you know, back when the O.C. was hot)_. Anyway, there are a few bands that I don’t miss if they’re in my area _(like Keane)_. And Rooney is one of them.

I was suprised to learn that Rooney is an opening act for American Idol alum, Kelly Clarkson. I have nothing against Kelly Clarkson, but I do think I am allergic to the thousands of screaming 12-year-old girls that flock to her concerts. But, in the end, all was good. I had great seats, Rooney was rad, they signed my hat _(which is also signed by Jimmy Eat World)_ and the most surprising thing of the night….I really enjoyed the Clarkson show. She’s a really powerful singer, and she put on a fantastic show. She played all of her hits…but it was the lesser-known songs, and a few covers, where the show really hit its peak. And for a $25 dollar lawn seat, it was a show I would recommend to everyone….screaming 12-year-old girl or not.

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