3 New Years Resolutions Every Leader Makes

Credit: Maya Ramsey/Weheartit.com

This is the time of the year where I like to reflect on how I can advance my personal life and career in a more positive and fulfilling direction. My personal New Year’s Resolutions always come easy to me, but it is my career resolutions that often take longer to figure out.

Currently, I am in a few leadership roles in my career and I also volunteer. Having these opportunities means a lot to me because I have been entrusted to motivate, encourage, and delegate responsibilities to others, which it is not something everyone my age has had the opportunity to experience. When I make my New Years Resolutions for my career, I try to think about how I want to improve on my leadership abilities, and more specifically, what kind of leader I would want to take direction from.

Credit: Maya Ramsey/Weheartit.com

Credit: Maya Ramsey/Weheartit.com

Below are three resolutions that I am making for 2015 that can help me with my leadership roles:

1. Do not overwhelm your daily to do list-

Make a daily to do list of the three most important things you need to get done that day/week at top. This way you can get to the rest of the list as the day goes on. Even if you do not get everything completed, you were at least able to accomplish your goals for the day/week. Also, always tackle the hardest items first to get them out of the way.

2. Revamp your Resume and LinkedIn Account- 

With our constant activity during the week, vacation time is the perfect opportunity to update your resume and LinkedIn.  This time of the year is a great time to reflect on your accomplishments and make your resume current. This way, when a new opportunity comes your way, you will not be scrambling last minute to update your resume.

3. Keep a list of goals you want to achieve each month-

Keep this list in front of you and write weekly steps on how you can achieve this particular goal for the month. Having it in front of you will be a reminder on how much accomplishing these goals means.

A good leader always takes the opportunity to learn from others, so that they can be the best model for those they lead. Tweet me @_susanmegan for your resolutions on improving leadership skills!

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