5 Cozy Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Credit: ErikaBarau / Weheartit.com

Credit: ErikaBarau / Weheartit.com

Credit: ErikaBarau / Weheartit.com

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where or how to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There are just so many options. And sometimes you don’t feel like spending a lot of money or dressing up and going out on New Year’s Eve.  Here are five cozy ways to ring in the New Year!

1. Read a book on New Year’s Eve! Pick up one of the awesome books you got for Christmas and curl up by a fire and read the night away. If you don’t feel like all the pomp and circumstance of New Year’s then this is a great way celebrate New Year’s Eve.

2. Don’t want to go out? Watch the ball drop from home with friends or family. There are tons of New Year’s celebrations broadcast on television. Watching the ball drop from home will  keep you warm and cozy all night. You can   have all the hot chocolate you like while still being part of the celebration.

3. Still want to party? Have a New Year’s Party at your place. There are many parties on New Year’s Eve. But sometimes its nice to have it at your place. That way you can pick what food and drinks are there. And you can also pick exactly who you would like to spend the New Year with. You can’t go wrong with hot chocolate, yummy holiday food, a fire and friends!

4. Want to be outside and cozy on New Year’s Eve? Have a bonfire! Nothing is more cozy than a warm fire and s’mores. Take your celebration outdoors with lots of bonfire foods like s’mores, hot dogs, and more.

5. Still don’t know what to do on New Year’s Eve? Why don’t you volunteer?  Nothing gives your heart a more cozy feeling than volunteering. Look around the neighborhood for volunteer opportunities.  like soup kitchens, or just take a meal to a neighbor. Warm your heart by giving to others.

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