5 Ideas to Keep In Touch With College Friends Over the Summer



College presents the wonderful opportunity to meet a widely diverse range of people, spanning all walks of life and all area codes.

One of the biggest advantages of college is the ability to trade stories with someone who grew up on a farm and someone from a big city in the same conversation. The only downside shows up when the semester ends and suddenly there’s no more dormitory walls housing you together.

How do you stay in touch with these new friends once you are no longer just two doors down from each other? With the help of these tips and the wonders of social media, it’s easy to maintain these wonderful friendships in your months apart.

Stay Connected.

This might be the most obvious way, but it’s still important. Make sure that you and your friends are connected. Exchange Skype names and Twitter handles and stay up to date. A fun idea could be to make a Facebook group and post updates about what’s going on. This makes it easy for people to check in and keep up with each other even when their summers get hectic. The beauty of a Facebook post is that it waits for you to answer.

Be Genuine.

Don’t just send a boring “hey” text with nothing real to talk about. Remember that these are your friends and you probably have a ton of great memories. When you see that ridiculous dress that reminds you of the one your friend wore to a Halloween party, send a picture or a message. It’s thoughtful and keeps that closeness that brought you together in the first place by creating those memories.

Plan a Trip.

This could be either a group trip to a specific location or a visit to a friend’s house. In either case, make the effort to see each other. Home friends and college friends don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Either have your college group get together or bring some of your school buddies home to meet your high school pals. It’s a great chance to meet new people and form new friendships.

Have a Group Text.

Much like the Facebook group, this is a good way to keep everyone in touch. With smartphones, a group text is easy to create. Even those without the most up-to-date technology can take advantage of apps or group phone numbers that allow everyone to see the messages they send. With a little research, you can find the right one for you and your buddies.

Include Each Other.

Make sure that you still keep each other in mind. If one of you has a summer birthday, send a card or a gift or maybe even visit. Try to plan a holiday get together for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Sharing events and holidays brings people closer together and will certainly keep you and your college companions close during those months apart.

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