5 Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now



With the start of a new school year under way, it can be easy to lose it with a new schedule, new responsibilities, even a new school.  To keep your cool, keep your instagram up-to-date with these fun, inspiring influencers.  With these five accounts, you are sure to leave a little more inspired than you were before.

1.GreaseandGlamour Jinna Yang, a noted photographer, decided that living her dreams was the most important step to happiness. Find her on Instagram @greaseandglamour

2. NourishUp Not only does the mind need to be properly inspired, but so should your diet!  Follow @nourishup to see daily posts of healthy, fun foods and recipes to inspire your own dining plans.  Nourish your motivational hunger with this account!

3. LuluLemon Sometimes the best way to be inspired is by living a healthy, active lifestyle.  For some workout motivation turn to @lululemon and kickstart the year right by inspiring yourself by doing inspirational work.

4. SeanWes Sean Wes is an artist who doodles inspirational quotes and posts the pictures of his results via Instagram.  He always has a good message that rings true to many and has a unique way of writing it.  To mix up the usual stereotypical quote accounts you may follow, give @seanwes a chance!

5. Happsters This last instagram @happsters has an artistic take on classic quotes.  Sometimes the easiest way to find a little inspiration is through words, and how easy is it to find those words on an easy access instagram acount!

There you have it!  Five wonderful accounts that only take 5 minutes to view, but can give you a lifetime of motivation!

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