5 Outfits You Need to Bring to Campus

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

The new school year is almost here, so it’s time to get packing.

Now, everyone knows what textbooks to buy, but when it comes to outfit choices, I always tend to bring more than usual. I often find clothes that I forgot I had at the bottom of my drawers.

So, what do you do when you don’t know what to bring to school this year? Here are five outfits that you can bring to campus this year to add to your stellar wardrobe!


Maxi skirts are in for fall! Transition your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe by reusing pieces that you already have. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that you have to wear dark colors. Play with color by adding a colorful scarf from Forever 21! I picked a white light sweater from Forever 21 and an H&M Maxi Skirt.

I picked black and white in this set so it’s versatile for you to switch up. Styling maxi skirts can be difficult, but if you add a scarf and some sandals, it will create an effortless look. I added a small gold bangle to add a cool vibe to the outfit. Since it will be fall soon, I thought a maxi skirt was perfect to wear since it will just start to get chilly.

Studded Boho

This next outfit I made was for the hot days that still exist in the fall. Even though it is fall, there might be a handful of days that you’re still wearing shorts. I made this studded boho outfit for the days that you want to look cute but still comfortable for classes.

As you probably already know, studded shorts were HUGE this summer. Almost every pair of shorts I saw in Forever 21, H&M or Garage where studded. I found a tank top with a cool peace sign design to add to the studded shorts.

To focus more of the attention on the outfit, I added plain black sneakers to draw attention to the studded shorts. In the shorts’ picture, Forever 21 added silver bangles to complete the outfit. Drawing inspiration from their outfit picture, I found two small silver bangles to finish the outfit.

Sundress Sweet

You will always need a sundress! When you’re debating which ones to bring to school, I’d pick your favorite three. Whether you’ve got a date with a campus cutie or you and your friends go out shopping or into town, a sundress is an easy outfit.

In the beginning of the school year, there’s always barbecues or day activities to kick off the school year right. Wearing a sundress is the solution if you’re lost on an outfit.

I added open sandals and a small bag to keep your essentials in. To finish off the look, I added sunglasses from Forever 21.

Night Out

I’ve seen so many girls wear sequined tribal skirts! Sequined tribal skirts are in for this season too, so I thought I’d add a going out outfit. Peplums are still in also, so I thought that the combination of the two would create an awesome outfit. I also added wedges to this outfit because let’s face it — it’s not fun walking in heels. So, to lessen the harshness of wearing heels, I added wedges to keep your feet from hurting just a little bit less. To finish off this look, I added a pink clutch that matches the tribal skirt to pull the outfit together. (Remember, if you’re going to a party, be safe and responsible. Also, never put your drink down and don’t drink underage!)

Presentation Pretty

It doesn’t matter what your major is, chances are you’re guaranteed to have at least one presentation during the semester. When packing for school, make sure you pack at least one pair of dress pants, a blazer, a nice top and heels. I picked simple dress pants and a blazer.

Adding onto this outfit, I picked a white peplum shirt that can be worn with dress pants or with the blazer. It’s important to remain versatile with dressy clothes because you never know when you’ll need a presentation outfit. It’s better to have neutral colors than bright colors to match things with. I added heels to complete this outfit because it looks more professional and it looks like you put more of an effort in your outfit.

We hope that these outfits help you figure out what you want to bring to campus this semester! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out UChic’s Pinterest Boards!

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