5 Things to do Before the End of Summer

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It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Nothing says summer like basking in the sun’s warm presence and wriggling your toes in the sand. For those of you who have taken summer classes, interned, or worked a part-time job, there is still a bit of summer left for you to enjoy before the fall semester begins. Here are five things to do before summer ends!

Get in the water!

You’ll regret it if you don’t, so this is the perfect time to head to a beach, lake, or river and enjoy the water. You could even enjoy a splash at a waterpark near you!

Visit your favorite boardwalk, eat some fried Oreos

Boardwalks are fun; you’ve got the arcade, amusement piers, delicious junk food (I know, I know, it isn’t healthy, but it doesn’t hurt to indulge for one day), and neat retail spaces. Might I add that if you visit the boardwalk in the evening, the lights area bonus to add to its beauty.

Be one with nature

Take your dog out on a walk around the park- if you don’t have a dog, ask to walk your neighbors; it truly does the mind (and heart) good to embrace the green around you (think of how lovely the trees and flowers must smell!). You could even ride a bike around your neighborhood with a friend or go on a hike; you’re working out all while enjoying yourself and your good company!

Be adventurous

Make this summer a memorable one by partaking in something adventurous, like zip lining or sky diving! If you want to start out small, you could even try whitewater rafting; there are three difference classes of water to try out. These bucket listers are more fun with a group so be sure to invite a couple of friends and face a fear of yours!

Host a slumber party with your friends

To top off the end of the summer, gather your friends and host a slumber party at your place. Bring out your inner child and build a fort, or make some s’mores over a small bonfire. Watch a movie (preferably Divergent, because Beatrice Prior is so kick-ass), sing karaoke, and make it all worthwhile.

We want to know your favorite activities before the school season!! Share with us on Twitter @UChic to share ideas or leave us a comment below.

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