5 Things to Stop Worrying About Right Now

largeThis point of the semester is the worst—midterms, meetings, new leader elections, and the looming stress of the end of the year. I totally get it; I sometimes have so much to do that I just want to curl up in bed and watch Netflix instead. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times, but be proactive so you can stay on top of it all! Here are the things that we all dwell on and a few tips to help lessen the weight on your shoulders!

Money. Whether you splurged on an amazing Spring Break trip or just some new swimsuits for summer, money seems to be a big conversation topic at coffee dates lately. If you’re going home for the summer, search some places online that may be hiring; a lot of clothing stores and seasonal locations (pools, camps, flower nurseries, etc.) love college kids. If you’re heading right into an internship, try to be as frugal as you can. It will all work out. Spend the rest of the semester having fun with friends—if you suffer from FOMO, put your remaining cash towards dinners with your friends and not towards another tee shirt. Try to find cheaper alternatives with your friends—have a picnic on the quad instead of spending $15 downtown. These little things will all add up.

Finals. After finishing up midterms, I know the thought of finals week seems daunting. Look at your syllabus and make a schedule for finals week. Try to start early and do little sections each night, this way you don’t get burned out on one subject or spending the week cramming for everything. Make sure you get some sleep; a lack of sleep, good diet (I know, late night Krispy Kremes make long library sessions more enjoyable,) and have a plan. If you don’t, it’ll all catch up with you, make you sick and/or miserable. You can do it!! Just think: with each final you take, the closer to summer break you are!

Moving Out. Sometimes when I’m doing laundry or cleaning up my room, I panic at the thought of packing it all up, cramming it into my parents’ car, and then unpacking it all again when I get home. The little purchases and new collection of (free!) tees suddenly seem like an overwhelming pile of more to-dos. Don’t let it bring you down—budget your time and start looking through your things, especially clothes. If you have 30 t-shirts you’ll never wear again, donate them to the local Goodwill. If you have clothes from the winter you don’t need, bring them home over spring break or Easter weekend if you have off! Move out day will come, and your belongings will all make it home!

Next Semester. In the midst of the mid-semester chaos, don’t stress about next fall. Make an appointment with your adviser, make a plan, and make sure you pencil in your registration time and date. Ask your older friends to see which professors they enjoyed (or didn’t) and see if they’re teaching your class again next semester. Don’t worry about the times— your schedule will work out!

New things. While it’s always great to try new things and meet new people, this point of the semester is not a good opportunity to get more involved. Midterms, papers, and finals are around the corner and your current commitments are probably picking up and preparing for leadership transitions. If you throw in one more thing, you’ll gradually get less and less sleep and realize (probably once it’s too late) that you’ve spread yourself too thin. Don’t risk your priorities for one more thing that sounds fun—keep it in mind and get involved right away next year instead!

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