5 Tips to Achieve Your Perfect Study Playlist

Music Playlist


If you’re like me, rocking out to some gnarly tunes is one way you power through your nightly studies. If you’ve never tried studying to a soundtrack before, or you needed some inspiration to get going, here’s my tips on crafting the ultimate motivational playlist.

1. Find music that speaks to you. Freshman year I had five finals in one day. I literally listened to the same song (Drake’s “Make Me Proud”) all day. Why? Because the title is self-explanatory, and I actually felt like he was talking to me.

2. You Snooze You Lose. Find music that will relieve your stress and keep you awake. If it’s a song that normally lulls you into a calm place for getting bed ready you may want to leave this off the playlist. You can’t study if your music draws you under the nearest blanket.

3. Don’t Get Rowdy. Find a happy medium with the tempo of the music. Something too heart-pumping can boost your adrenaline and distract you. Trust me. I’ve done Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” or “Single Ladies” routine in my chair countless times with my friends in the library.

4. Mix it up. Make it a variety of genres to prevent getting bored with it. Try to have at least one genre per subject as a starting place. You can also put it on shuffle so you won’t feel like your music has gotten predictable, especially when listening to it for a long stretch of time.

5. Let it build. Add onto your playlist as time goes by. Even if you’re not studying for something big, try to update it whenever your favorite artists release a new single.

The most important thing to remember about studying with music is to make sure your music doesn’t overpower your studies. Find a balance with your focus and entertainment. You can use your music to keep time, countdown your study breaks, and more. Now go rock your way to the Dean’s List!

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