5 Tips to Keep Your Mind Active to School

Like many of you out there, I am in a constant search for interviews that will (hopefully) be my ticket to a fabulous internship, and possibly an even greater career for the future! So with my resumes being all set, and my brightest smile practiced, I now have to worry about what I’m going to wear.

They say great first impressions are a must for interviews. You may be a great person (that’ll show in the conversations you hold with the interviewer), or have 4.0 (that’ll show in your resume) but honestly the first thing that they see is your overall appearance. It shows that you’re not crazy, don’t have green hair, and lets them know that you take the job and the interview seriously. So how do you show them that you really want it but at the same time, be as fashionable as possible?

I’m a skinny jeans, slouchy boots, and Rayban Wayfarers type of girl. I tend to be a little bit more on the unconventional side of fashion and I struggled with this separation between my everyday look and the “workplace” look. Over the summer while I held an Administrative Assistant position at the US Courts in D.C., I wore the basic dark-colored blouses, un-flattering loose black pants, and small-heeled black pumps. It’s obvious: I hated how I looked.

So, for my next interview for a PR internship, I was determined to look professional but also fashionable enough for me to be confident in how I looked. So I came up with an overall look that I loved.

I couldn’t get rid of my skinny jeans. But I turned it from the casual look to a professional one by opting for twill black skinny pants instead of my rocker jeans. Than, I chose a shirt that’s more conservative by choosing one solid color such as white, beige, or blue. I finished the look up by going for a form-fitting black blazer.

With this look, you don’t need to worry about looking ditzy or unprofessional. The dark colors keep it tame but the cut of the items will keep you feeling sexy – in that corporate American way. So at your next interview opportunity, don’t feel weighed down by the boring clothes! Spread your imagination through your closet and pick something great and it’ll definitely show the interviewer that you’re down to business.



It might be tempting to spend the next few weeks sleeping late, watching movies and staying in pajamas for days at a time, but that will make getting back into the swing of things in late August that much harder!

When you let your mind relax for too long, no matter how good it feels at first, you’ll find that the feelings of laziness and boredom will start to take over. Here are five ways to keep your mind active and fresh over the summer!


Reading is one of the best ways to keep your mind working. Goodreads is a great resource to discover new books based on suggestions from other readers and from your friends. The site also provides reviews and recommended titles based on books you already read and loved as well!

Stay on Top of the News

If books aren’t your thing, you should definitely try to stay current with events happening in the world. Read newspapers, watch the news daily or browse it online; you’ll stay in the loop and it might spark some new and interesting conversations with your family or friends.


Did you know that exercise can not only make you feel better, but it can make you think better? There are multiple studies suggesting that physical activity may increase your ability to learn new things more quickly and to improve your memory. Anything from fast walks around your neighborhood to intense Pilates classes can help keep your mind sharp!

Mind Games

Any newspaper or magazine (and even the Internet) has crossword puzzles and Sudoku, so work your brain by doing a puzzle a day. You can also download games on your phone such as Ruzzle or a word search app  to keep your mind active at any given point in the day. If you’re going to insist on watching television all day, you might as well play a mind game during commercials!

Find a Hobby

Dedicate your summer to learning new things. Cooking, knitting, kickboxing, drawing, working on learning a new language … the possibilities are endless. Make a summer bucket list and include both new activities and new goals for yourself. By doing this, you’ll feel a lot more productive and accomplished by the end of the summer!

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