5 Ways to Simplify Your Life


With the semester ending and the holidays quickly approaching, we can all easily get overwhelmed. In fact, it is completely normal to get wrapped up in your own life. However, it can be hard to unwind. So take a deep breath because here are my 5 ways to simplify your life!

  1.     Clean it out

Who says cleaning is only meant for the spring? For me, one of the best detoxes out there is going through all of your things (closets, papers, computers, phones) and cleaning them out. Donate the clothes you don’t wear, throw out stray papers lying around your room, and delete old files and contacts in your technological devices. Give yourself a fresh start (and more room in your closet for new clothes!)

  1.     Planners are everything

I often find that writing everything out can be helpful and relieving. Sometimes we can exaggerate things in our minds and when looking at it from a different perspective, it may actually not be as big of a deal. Utilizing a planner can be extremely helpful in preventing yourself from getting overwhelmed. Color coordinate, highlight, and write everything out. Even looking at an organized planner can be relieving!

  1.     Delete social media apps

In a generation obsessed with social media, sometimes it is best to take a step back. Social media sites are a great way to stay connected, but sometimes we focus too much on what everyone else is up to. Social media can even be stressful. I recently decided to delete a social media app that only produced negative feelings and it was one of the best decisions I made. I spent less time reading negativity, and more time focusing on positive things in my life.

  1.     Surround yourself with good people

Sometimes being with the right group of people can change everything. I only live 30 minutes away from home. So, if I am having a stressful week I make it a point to go home and spend some time with my mom. If you don’t go to college close to home, try to hang out with people you have genuine, wholesome fun with- no drama! Even taking 10 minutes to get coffee or cupcakes and talk with a friend can have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

  1.     Have some “me time”

Take a “time-out” from life because there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself from time to time! Light some candles and read a good book, take a nice long bath, get a manicure, or make some popcorn and binge-watch Netflix. The smallest things can make the biggest impact on how you feel, how you act, and your entire outlook on a stressful situation.

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