5 ways to spend V-Day becoming the dreamer you want to be #LYD

Whether you are in a relationship and are planning a special dinner, or you are single and arranging a girl’s night out with all of your best friends, it is good to remember Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about your relationships with others.

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of your relationship with yourself. Here are five ways to empower yourself on V-Day.

#LYD one sweet step at a time.

#LYD one sweet step at a time.

1. Knowledge is power

What have you been dying to learn? It doesn’t have to be a big project or task. You don’t have to commit to learning how to code or learning a new language. Have you always wanted to go to Paris? Spend the night reading or watching movies about Paris. Look up different study abroad programs or internships.

2. Pamper yourself

When you are in school, life is busy. There are friends, tests, projects, deadlines and parties. There isn’t always a lot of time to rest and pamper you. So take Valentines Day and celebrate you. What is something you want to do, but never have time for? Painting your nails? A facial? Take a night and focus on your self-care.

3. Move

It is easy to sit around and watch Netflix all day or be connected to your computer 24/7. Sometimes we forget to move. You don’t have to work out everyday all day. You don’t have to go running or kickboxing. Just for a long walk. If you want to start tracking how much you move, download the free fitbit app.

4. Small Changes

The problem with resolutions is that people think big changes happen over night. The truth is people lose 50 lbs. a pound at a time. Is there something you have been working on, but have not been able to accomplish? Think of one small change you could incorporate in your life today for the next thirty days that would get you closer to your dream. Not ready to change? Or need inspiration? Check out The Power of Habit.

5. Use your voice

Your voice matters. On Valentine’s Day use it. Spend some time writing in your journal or blogging. Don’t be afraid to speak up around your friends or family. Of course be kind and fair. But don’t ever dim your shine.

Whatever you do on V-Day, remember your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

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