50 Websites College Students Should Know About


There are a plethora of websites nowadays, and it is hard to stay current with which websites are beneficial and which websites are really just a waste of time. I have organized the websites into several categories to help you navigate. You may find a website you need to start using pronto. And it may just change your life.




1. Any.do

  • This is a great task manager which can easily sink to your smartphone. You can create folders for any category and link them for Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, or Someday. There is a free version you can try that works great or you can purchase an upgrade to have an unlimited file size. www.Any.do

2. File This

  • This is a great site to stay organized! It will automatically collect, file, and organize online documents, bills, and statements for you. It’s like having a filing cabinet right in your computer that does all the work! With a free account you can link up to six websites. https://filethis.com/





3. Background Burner

  • This is Photoshop for the novice! This site can take any picture and remove the background. If you have a small business and want to utilize this site more often, it also has a professional edition you can purchase. https://www.bonanza.com/background_burner

4. Can I Stream.It?

  • This website is awesome! Ever try to find a movie on Netflix, but it isn’t showing up. That can be so frustrating. Can I Stream.It searches through Netflix, Amazon, HuluPlus, Crackle, YouTube, Epix, Xfinity Streampix, and SnagFilms to see if the movie or television show you are looking for is available. http://www.canistream.it/

5. Forgotify

  • If you are already using Spotify, you need to use this website. Forgotify finds all those forgotten songs in the midst of the 20 million songs that Spotify has and lets you listen to some great pieces. Be patient, sometimes you get some strange ones, but you’ll find your diamond in the rough. http://forgotify.com/player.cfm

6. Genius

  • Ever wonder what your favorite song was about? Genius takes songs and analyzes them line by line. It also includes history, sports, screen, law, and technology that it annotates. http://genius.com/

7. Nick Reboot

  • This is a website that lets you live that 80s and 90s nostalgia and watch shows that use to play on Nickelodeon that aren’t available yet. So take a moment, relax, and turn on As Told by Ginger or The Wild Thornberrys. www.nickreboot.com/shows/

8. Quotacle

  • Ever just want to share a movie quote and clip with a friend? This website has 280,000 lines from movies, and it has just started. Look for it to be expanding soon! www.quotacle.com

9. TED

  • Need motivation? This is a website full of new speeches that are motivation and informative. www.ted.com

10 . The Nostalgia Machine




11. BechPrep

  • Flashcards, practice questions, study lessons, and interactive test prep courses galore. You’re bound to get a better grade on your next assignment with this website. www.benchprep.com

12. DIY

  • This is a nifty site for people of all ages. Search for skills you want to improve whether that be gardening or carpentry. Then you’ll get ideas of anything from making a fancy dessert to making a bow and arrow. https://diy.org

13. Dropbox

  • Back up your files to Dropbox so you are never without them. www.dropbox.com

14. Huffington Post

  • The Huffington Post takes news from multiple resources and blends them together on this website. www.huffingtonpost.com

15. 16. Insta Grok

  • You can use this website to find concept maps of any research topic, and you can even edit the concept map to help make studying easier. www.instagrok.com

16. Instructables         

  • Want to learn how to make something? Check out Instructables you can learn how to make anything from a raspberry pie to a garden shed. Then you can share your creations on the website. www.instructables.com

17. Koofers

  • This website is used by many students and employers. Not only can you make flashcards on this website, but you can also look for job and internship opportunities. https://www.koofers.com

18. Medium

  • This is a blogging site where you can post your own stories or bookmark ones to read later. If you need a laugh check out the Complete List of Hobbit Meals. https://medium.com

19. OpenStudy

  • Need a group of study partners? Try OpenStudy and join groups to help study for tests and get help with your homework. www.openstudy.com

20. Rate My Professor

  • This website is key before enrolling in any class in college. Check out some of the professors ratings and see how they stack up. www.ratemyprofessor.com

21. StudyBlue

  • Here is another notecard maker! You can also search for classes you are in and see if anyone made flashcards already, and then you can use them. www.studyblue.com




22. CamelCamelCamel

  • I tend to buy a lot of gifts on Amazon, and this is a website that helps you get the biggest bang for your buck. You can price watch any item, and then the website will send alerts via email or Twitter. If you really want to learn about the fluctuation of the prices, this website gives a detailed report as well. http://www.CamelCamelCamel.com

23. Mint

  • This is one of the best budgeting sites you can ask for. Mint.com will help you learn how to budget and organize expenses. www.mint.com

24. My Super Market

  • This website compares stores like Costco, Amazon, Target, and Walmart to find you the best deal on products. Then you can buy your items with one simple payment to My Super Market and enjoy the savings. www.mysupermarket.com

25. NerdWallet

26. ReadyForZero

  • You can attach all your financial accounts into this website, and it will help create a plan to help you tackle debts! You can also pay your bills from this site and have your credit score monitored (which is never too soon to start). This is great from anything to credit card debts to college loans! www.readyforzero.com

27. RetailMeNot

  • If you like to coupon or simply save money, check out RetailMeNot. It searches more than 50,000 stores like JCPenney, Nortdstorm, Ulta, and Bath & Body Works for coupon codes and deals. www.retailmenot.com

28. StudentRate

  • Want to get a deal because you are student? This is the website for you! www.studentrate.com

29. TrueCar

  • Looking to get a car? Avoid the hassle of sitting with a dealer and negotiating for hours on end. True Car plugs 8,000 dealerships together and shows the average price people pay for a car you’re looking at. For example, the Kia Soul is being bought for around $17,000 in my area (not too bad!). www.truecar.com




30. Haiku Deck or Prezi

31. LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is a site that allows you to build a professional portfolio for yourself, network, and get recognized by prospective employers. It’s basically the Facebook for professionals. www.linkedin.com

32. Noisli

  • Ever have a ton of busywork and just need some ambient noise to help you push through it? Nosli combines noises like wind, thunderstorms and coffee shop sounds to help you push through all your work and be as productive as possible. The coffee shop and ocean wave mix is pretty great. But don’t listen too long or you will fall asleep. www.noisli.com

33. Quip or Google Docs

  • Quip and Google Docs are an excellent place to store documents. But they also allow several members to work on a document together. This is really beneficial if you have a group project because the updates the members make happen in real time. https://quip.com or www.docs.google.com

34. Unroll Me

  • Unroll Me helps you clean your email one newsletter subscription at a time. Instead of looking through dozens of emails, it creates one email with a summary of all your subscriptions! www.unroll.me




35. All For Good

  • Want to volunteer? This website helps you find volunteer opportunities and then you can post about the experience. www.allforgood.org

36. Idealist

  • Looking for organizations, jobs, internships, or simply volunteer opportunities? Check out this website for a plethora of listings in your area. www.idealist.org

37. Kiva

  • This is a website where you can lend money to people around the world in need. This website helps to alleviate poverty by connecting lenders to people in need. www.kiva.org

38. Volunteer Match

  • This helps bring people together to causes they care about. You can search for something you are passionate about in any city to find great opportunities. www.volunteermatch.org




39. Endomondo

  • This is website and mobile app that lets you track your workouts. It then creates a detailed analysis of each of your workouts to help you on your healthy lifestyle.

40. Fitday or My Fitness Pal

  • This is a health journal so you can create fitness and weight goals for yourself. It also includes free articles on nutrition and weight loss. www.fitday.com or www.myfitnesspal.com

41. Healthy Women

  • You should check out Health Women once and a while. It is way more accurate than WebMD, and it provides many articles, including yummy AND healthy recipes. www.healthywomen.org

42. Sworkit

  • This website and app make sure you never forget the importance of exercise. Just download it and select which part of your body you want to work on, and it will create custom circuit training for you. www.sworkit.com





43. Hostel Bookers

  • Looking for a cheap place to stay while you travel? This website provides a listing of cheap hotels and hostels. It includes hostels, hotels, and other quirky places you might have missed. www.hostelbookers.com

44. Kayak, Expedia, or Orbitz

  • Use one of these websites to find the cheapest hotel, cars, flights, etc. when you are travelling. The earlier you plan, the more you will save! I tend to use Kayak and saved $700 in hotel costs on my trip to Chicago! www.kayak.com, www.expedia.com, or www.orbitz.com

45. TripIt

  • This is a must have for travelling. It creates an itinerary so you are never without your flight or hotel information. https://www.tripit.com

46. Roadtrippers

  • Going on a road trip? Make sure you check out this website first. You can plug in your route, and it will help you find anything from local gems to the closest fast food chain. https://roadtrippers.com




47. Epicurious

  • This is a website with recipes and menus galore. They have a ton of articles and dishes for specialty diets (gluten-free, vegan, etc.). Check this website out before you make dinner; you’ll be glad you did! www.epicurious.com

48. Grub Hub

  • Want to order some food, but don’t know what to order? Check out GrubHub for a list of restaurants that deliver anything from pizza to sushi! https://www.grubhub.com

49. Supercook

  • This is probably one of the best websites I’ve found for making meals. I’ll pin away meal ideas on Pinterest, but in the end I have a ton of ideas, but usually none of the food to for theses recipes. Supercook gives you recipes based on the food in your kitchen. www.supercook.com





50. Crime Reports

  • Okay, so this isn’t as fun of a website, but it is important to be well educated. This website uses Google Maps and combines it with police data to show you what kinds of crimes have happened, where, and by whom (if known). You can use this when looking for apartments or travelling. You can also subscribe to get alerts to stay informed.  https://www.crimereports.com/


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