7 Ways to Unwind for the Summer After A Hectic School Year

A Chicster wonders how she ended up watching this: "Three Mount Holyoke College students had stripped down to their unmentionables and were gyrating against each other...all in the name of democracy."



You’ve spent many nights cramming for exams, worked on group projects and papers, and have finally completed your final exams. While most of us are relieved that the school year is finally over, some of us have forgotten what it feels like to relax for the summer. Here are seven ways to unwind for the summer.

1. Take a bubble bath. Light some candles or incense A bubble bath is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. Light some aromatherapy candles around the tub, add some bubbles, and turn on some music, I guarantee you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders by the time you complete your bath.

2. Read! That list of books you created to purchase over the semester? Now is the perfect time to get to it! You’ve spent all semester long reading through your textbooks and academic articles, you deserve to treat yourself to a good book. The best part is that you don’t have to stay at home or a library to read it; you can read on the beach, at a park, or a cute café.

3. Perfect your writing skills. Writing in a journal or a blog can be therapeutic; if you have a blog, the summer is your perfect opportunity to work on it. You can perfect your writing skills, gain more followers for your blog, or even contribute to a website you enjoy!

4. Work on a D-I-Y project. I’m pretty sure we’ve all browsed through Pinterest and know that they have the coolest do-it-yourself projects. There are so many projects you can work on for your room or for a friend! If someone’s birthday is coming up, you can create something unique for him or her. The best part about a D-I-Y is that it’s affordable, so get crafty! 5. Volunteer at your local animal shelter Helping others, especially animals, can feel very fulfilling. There are numerous animal shelters looking for help, so why not make a change? Not only are you making a difference in the animals lives by spending time with them, you’re alleviating the amount of stress and work the people may be enduring. Volunteer and be a doer.

6. Attend a Zumba class. If you’ve attended a Zumba class once, you know it keeps you coming back to the infectious, loud music and full body workout. You burn calories, tone your body, and you’re guaranteed to make new friends. Zumba is a great stress release, and makes you so much more aware of the things your body is capable of doing, so make sure to try it out this summer.

7. Bake like you’re Cake Boss! Ever wanted to create something from a recipe you found online? Maybe a tie-dye cake or fried Oreo’s? Why not invite a couple of friends over and bake? Not only are you focused on creating something delicious to enjoy; you’re enjoying the company of your friends!

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