All Hail Ikea: Land of Cheap

The other day I was buying a decorative pillow at Pottery Barn when the cashier reminded me, “You do know that there are two prices right? One for the pillowcase and one for the pillow? My response… _”Damn you double price tags! You got me again! Pier One pulls the same lame stunt! You’ll never fool me again, Restoration Pottery Hardware Pier Barn One!_

*So my friend and I are planning a trip to Ikea next week* to find some inexpensive pieces to furnish our new apartments _(read: our parent’s basements)_. I’m excited to go, however, I have to admit I’m a bit nervous due to a bad experience I had at Ikea London. _Long story short: My friends and I got hopelessly lost in the outskirts of London by taking too many of the wrong busses and asking drunk Irish men (who hate U2 and then curse and spit at you) for directions._

But I really should give Ikea another try. After all, you can forget Disneyworld, because when we finally got there, _(around 10:30 pm)_, it was the happiest place on earth! There was a restaurant with meals for a dollar, ice cream cones for 25 cents. I even got a pillow for two bucks. I mean, *lets face it, Ikea is cheap, cheap, cheapo.* And that’s why I like, love, worship it. In fact, most college grads here in the Washington D.C. area buy everything for their new apartments from Ikea. And you know what? There’s no shame in it. I mean, who cares that almost everything is made out of plastic and breaks after a year? We’re the Ikea generation! In fact, our entire age bracket can be defined by a two hundred dollar sofa and a practically free ice cream cone….hmmmm….

…Pottery Barn could really learn a thing or two about pricing from Ikea.

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