American Idol: Down to the Top 24

Last night’s American Idol episode brought us some final performances, some end of the road moments mixed in with different auditions to remind us just how far these potential stars have come. It seems like quite a difficult process– being sent to room one or two and not knowing which means being sent home. That would definitely make me incredibly restless, but then again I’m not a singer and don’t have the stamina that they seem to have!!

Tonight’s episode is going to announce the final 17 of the top 24, and should definitely be an episode worth watching. As the end of Hollywood Week begins, it’s definitely going to get interesting.

At this point, in my opinion, they should just make Hollywood Week one or two episodes, and then get to the competition. I guess when you’ve done nine seasons you have no choice but to continue as you have in the past. I for one will not be sad to see Hollywood Week come to an end.

More updates tomorrow as I feel it will interesting to see whose actually in the top 24––I was pulling for Big Mike, but it seems that his father ruined his chances of becoming America’s next Idol way back in January. We will have to wait and see who ends up in this elusive club.

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