American Idol: Ladies Night

Ladies night rocked the house last night, and Ellen seemed a bit lost. Or at least that was the word on the “tweet” (hilarious, I know!) I, however, felt she did a good job! She’s new at this, let’s not criticize her right away, she’s going to get with the program…I think.

I feel like the judges were very harsh last night, but I think it’s just because I feel a lot of the contestants this season are so young! I think that’s because I’m getting a lot older, and they used to be so much older than me back in the day. Anyway these beautiful, talented women gave as good as they got last night. They stood up there and took the “trash talk” from Simon and others, but all in all it’s always America who decides.

I watched the two hour show last night and was surprised to find that I only had two favorites: Ashley Rodriguez and Katie Stevens. Stevens rocked with “Fever” and even though the Judges disagreed, I think it was FANTASTIC!

What did you think? Are you going to keep watching or are you bored with Season 9 already? Comment below!

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