American Idol: A Positive Switch

Let’s hear for it the boys…let’s hear it for my baby… Yes I got carried away yet again, but how can you not be in the mood for karaoke after watching two hours of American Idol? I most certainly cannot resist the urge to break a glass, or two ;). Anyway the boys brought it home last night, or at least some of them did.

Big Mike, who was supposed to be out of the Top 24, appears to have been spared the Idol ax, at least for now. It was widely reported that the contestant would lose his hard earned spot on the reality TV show due to his father’s blabbing about his status in the competition’s coveted Top 24. He brought it home last night with James Brown’s “It’s a man’s world.” Big Mike reminds me of the world of Mad Men–class, chivalry and a world I wish I could live in. I could listen to him ALL DAY!

John Park wasn’t so bad either, but Simon seems to disagree. I really liked learning a little bit more about the men as well, mainly because that’s the best part of this show. You not only get to see some amazing talent, you get to learn about WHY these people have come to American Idol to be judged by you and I (and of course Simon, Randy, Ellen and Kara). Despite Casey James’ hip look, he doesn’t have the voice, in my opinion.

All in all a good showing by the boys of American Idol. Let me know what you think below! If you think the girls are better tonight, well let me know that too!

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