American Idol: You’re Going to Hollywood!

American Idol has had nine series of auditions, “Pants on the Ground”-style auditions, and plenty of tears. This round of auditions had not only it’s great viral hits, like the video below, but it also had some of the most interesting repeats and first timers.

I absolutely think it’s hysterical how the contestants give this HUGE speech before they go into the room and then…bam…it’s a sudden drop and Simon is throwing off one insult after another while Randy tries to contain himself. The most interesting aspect of this season was how many times some people (people who unfortunately cannot sing, which is not a mean statement because I can’t sing at ALL!) have tried to get the golden ticket. It was also interesting to see how many judges jumped in and out of the auditions this season, my favorites among them all were Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham) and the crazy blond from Pushing Daisies, Kristin Chenoweth.

Wednesday’s episode had some great auditions, particularly from the younger set, but I don’t think anything tops the “beautiful man flower” audition, although perhaps the seven time auditioning fan with the “fashion faux pas” topped him, what do you think?

Here’s a clip of Pants on the Ground, this year’s viral pop-culture sensation:

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