Après-Holiday Shopping: Tech-Savvy Ways to Save



By: Ana Berkovich, Missouri State University 

The holidays are a decidedly stressful time. There’s the socializing with family and friends, all the traveling and the oft-dreaded gift buying. While it may not be a great idea to use your phone for the first two, lest you want to be the next Alec Baldwin on your flight home, your phone can actually be a great asset for all your shopping needs.

Especially for college-aged women, holiday shopping can be unexpectedly tough- and can turn into an endless cycle of purchase, return, repeat. That is, until you bring your phone into the equation. With the ubiquitous use of smart phones come more and more apps to help with all your needs, including holiday shopping. Check out these seven apps to make your holiday shopping much easier.

Before You Head to the Mall:

Mint (available on iOS and Android)

This is a great app for budgeting and keeping track of your money. Use it to make a budget for holiday shopping that you can easily stick to.

Online Shopping:

Poach it (web extension)

This app allows you to download a “button” to your preferred web browser that will keep track of items you select, or denote interest in, and will alert you when they go on sale so you can buy the item on the spot.

Pounce (iOS only)

This app allows you to scan a coupon with your phone and buy the item right then. No need to search, the app recognizes the item and takes you to the company store automatically. No more trying to keep track of those pesky paper coupons!

Fancy (iOS and Android)

This app is a bit like Etsy. It’s an online marketplace full of cool, quirky and even luxury items for that one friend on your list that seems to have it all.

At the Mall:


This app uses your location to find the best sales in your area. No need to walk into any potentially expensive situations.

Shopkick (iOS and Android)

This app gives you points, or “kicks”, for going into particular stores. You can try on clothes and other tasks to gain more. Once you get enough “kicks,” you can redeem them for a gift certificate. Get a little present for yourself while looking for your best friend’s gift.

Fun Times:

Angry Birds GO (iOS and Android)

A new Angry Birds app for the holiday season? I do believe you deserve this one.

While it seems daunting to look at your gift list and make the drive to the mall, it really isn’t so bad with your smartphone or tablet in hand. And hey, it’ll save you some time to sit by the fire with a nice drink and now you won’t loose your cool on your sweet little cousin wants to tell you about her scabby knee.   For the fifteenth time.

Enjoy your holiday season!

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