Are You an H.P.C?

 One day I was waiting in a long line at the financial aid office at school just minding my business, when this kid walks in wearing a black t-shirt that had the words, “Procrastinators Unite…tomorrow” plastered all over it in white letters. I fell in love! I felt like this kid purposely wore this shirt to let me know that he understands me. It was if he already knew I had a to-do list the size of the Eiffel tower. He was subconsciously letting me know he felt my pain. I told all my friends about his shirt and although some were not enthused, others agreed that the message was definitely hot.

Hi. I’m an H.P.C. That stands for a habitual procrastinating chicster. I just made the term up five seconds ago but it works.

I seriously think I have some type of procrastination disorder. I even procrastinated about writing this blog. Have you ever made a to-do list but then some how everything that was on your to-do list…you just didn’t?

Well, that’s me on a regular basis. I worry that I will procrastinate so badly that one day it will ruin my life. I assumed I needed to be put on some type of medication to cure my H.P.C. So I diagnosed myself with having A.D.H.D. but when I went to see a doctor she basically told me I was just a lazy sack of sorry and I needed to focus more on my goals.

I tried to explain to her that it’s kind of hard to focus on my goals when my main problem is focusing. I started to talk to a professor about my problem and he disagreed with my self-diagnosis also. He said, “Angela, I’ve noticed that if a subject doesn’t interest you, you just B.S. your way into and out of it.” He suggested I attend a workshop that’s geared towards the betterment of ones self.

I obliged and attended a workshop entitled, “Success is just around the corner.” While I was there I heard something that made perfect sense. The speaker suggested that college students need prompts when completing tasks. It dawned on me that I need a constant reminder to do things so that I won’t slack off. If you suffer from H.P.C. like I do you need reminders constantly in your face. I came up with a plan.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon I dedicated my time to cutting and pasting together powerful words like, “time management,” “strength,” “ambition,” and “self-control.” I went through a bunch of magazines and cut out letters that were constructed in different shapes to give my creation some funk. I pasted them on floral backgrounds and hung them all around my bedroom walls. Every morning when I wake up I see these words, and they’re instilled in my brain that success is really just around the corner. Don’t be fooled, I am still a major H.P.C. But I seem to be headed towards a speedy recovery.

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