12 Tips on Moving Out of Your College Apartment

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at New York University

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The moving process is long and frustrating. Between the packing, the lifting and the transporting, you might find yourself stressed out and physically drained.

Luckily, I have spent way too many days moving in and out of apartments, accumulating both mistakes and great tips.

Here are 12 guidelines that will help you reduce your moving anxiety and make the process just a bit easier!

1. Start early by putting a box in each room or area of your apartment so that you can pack away the items that you do not use often. For example, put all of your larger pots and pans in a box in the kitchen. By keeping the boxes nearby, you will be able to pull out something quickly if you actually do need it between now and the big move.

2. You can also use the "most" rule. Pack away most of something, like most of your utensils or most of the clothes in your closet, but keep just enough to get you through the rest of the time before the move. (The first two tips work best when you start packing early enough so you have plenty of time but not so early that you end up having to essentially unpack.)

3. Keep all like objects together; unpacking will be infinitely easier if each box contains only items that go in the same room.

4. Have separate boxes for the things you use every day. Put your hairdryer, brush, lotion, etc., in a box in the bathroom and think of it as a substitute for a shelf. As you get ready each day, put everything you use back in the box instead of back in the cabinet so that when it’s time to move, you just have to close the box!

5. Keep your clothes on hangers or folded to make unpacking easier. On the same note, wash all of your clothes before you start packing or keep your dirty clothes separate so that you have to do as little laundry as possible after you move.

6. Use your space wisely by putting smaller objects in bigger objects to save room. Stack bowls inside of pots or put scarves and belts inside of handbags.

7. Instead of boxes, consider using suitcases. Suitcases are way easier to transport and stack nicely in cars. Plus, you are much more likely to use suitcases again than you are used cardboard boxes. Similarly, you can buy plastic bins with lids for easy carrying and for longer use.

8. Use old magazines and newspapers (and school assignments) in place of bubble wrap or tissue when packing away fragile items. You can also use towels and bed sheets to put between dishes and glass photo frames.

9. Do not pack something if you know there is a possibility you are just going to throw it out when you’re unpacking. Instead of waiting until later to contemplate tossing it, make a decision now to save yourself the trouble.

10. Do not close a box until the last minute! You might need to move some things around to make carrying the boxes easier or to fit in some forgotten items.

11. Label, label, label! Write your name, the room the box belongs in and details on what’s inside to make unloading your car (and finding things later) easier.

12. Recruit as many hands as possible to help you move; the more people, the faster it will go!

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