3 Must-Have Beauty Products for Fall


Ok, so let's be clear here. I love make-up, I get really giddy when new beauty products come out, and last time I checked, I was a VIB (very important beauty insider) at Sephora. Needless to say, I've been on a spending spree for the past few weeks, and I wanted to share some info on three new goodies I picked up and have been diligently road-testing. From blackheads and big pores to stinky hair and random grays, I've got the goods on the hottest beauty products of the moment!

For Your Face:

Product: Boscia Illuminating Black Mask
Cost: $34.00
Available at: Sephora

Pros: This peel-off mask does a great job of cleaning out pores and doing away with black heads. I love the fact that you can see a difference in about a week.

Cons: While it DOES clean your pores, it will draw dirt and oil to the surface of your skin and can cause breakouts immediately after using. It also tends to dry slowly, so it's not something you can just throw on right before a big date or in between classes.

For Your Hair:

Product: Toppik Hair-Building Fiber
Cost: $21.95
Available at: www.toppik.com

Pros: Colored keratin fibers fill in thin hair to make it look fuller, plus it covers up random grays.

Cons: This stuff doesn't really stick too well without the fiberhold spray you're supposed to buy with it. Try it with hairspray, but go easy on the "liberal" application they suggest if you don't want to look like you have colored dandruff.

For Your Bod:

Product: Cake Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder
Cost: $16.00
Available at: Urban Outfitters

Pros: You smell like an ashtray, you got a coffee date immediately following the gym, or the temp is super-high and your deodorant is just about ready to konk out. Whichever the case, Team Cake has got you covered with this easy-breezy powder that absorbs odor, smells purdy, and leaves you feeling clean and fresh.

Cons: What? Only two shades? The human skin color spectrum runs the gamut, but your choices here? Not so much.

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