5 Chic (But Cheap) Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By Amanda Cross, Student at the University of Central Arkansas

Image courtesy of jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Shopping for a gift for Father’s Day is a really daunting task for any college student, especially since we're tight on money.

However, just because a gift is less expensive doesn't mean your father won't enjoy it any less. My rule is to buy your father a gift that he will love, but won’t really take the time to buy for himself. Here are a few ideas that could get you started!

1. Buy a New Read

Fathers are super busy people. They don’t always have the time to stop in the reading aisle, and they may be a few books behind on their favorite author’s new titles. Depending on the age of your dad, you can even pick up larger print versions of his old favorites so that he can see the words and read them without glasses!

2. Buy a Date Night

Now, you don’t have to go super fancy. A couple of gift cards to Fandango and his favorite restaurant will do. I like to think that parents go on a lot more dates when their kids are off to college, so both your mother and father will enjoy the benefits of your thoughtful gift.

3. Go Conventional with a Twist

You can always get the deluxe tool kits and grill sets, but try making the gift feel more personal. A pocket knife with his initials on it, a special photography book or even a No. 1 Dad trophy could make his day. Personalized gifts aren't that expensive and you can find them at places like PersonalCreations.com or Shutterfly.com.

4. Buy Something Useful

It is important that your gift will be of use to your father, whether it be car mats or car care kits for his car, athletic gear for his workouts or a camera so he can record memories. Make sure the present you buy him for Father’s Day is a gift that he can use over and over again.

5. Buy Sports Memorabilia

If your dad is really into sports, consider buying him gear so he can cheer on his favorite team in style! While some items are more expensive than others, you'll be able to find deals if you search hard enough. If it's a local team, try going to stores like Walmart or Target to find apparel that won't break the bank.

Fathers can be a little hard to shop for come Father’s Day. Let your father know you love him and just make sure the gift comes from your heart. Love goes a long way on Father’s Day!

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