5 Spring Break Essentials

By Briana Luca, Student at Iona College

It’s that time of year again! College students everywhere are taking a vacation from the hectic semester and are headed on Spring Break.

This week-long vacation is a way to unwind and refresh. Some students will be doing that from the comfort of their own homes while they catch up on sleep and eat home-cooked meals. The other half of the college population will head to exotic islands and warm climates to soak up the sun and have a great time with friends.

No matter how you’re spending Spring Break, there are a few great essentials that you need to make this week relaxing and fun!

A Great Book

Every break needs a great book to go along with it. Whether you’re on a beach or in your bed, you’re going to need to crack open a good story and relax. I would suggest a girly beach read like “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks or a classic such as “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


No sunny day is complete without your perfect set of shades! The spring weather is upon us, so whether you’re driving down the highway or lying in the sand, your sunglasses will save you.

Cute Bathing Suits

For the lucky ones headed to someplace hot, you must have a selection of adorable bathing suits. No matter if they’re old or new, gather up your favorite suits for days spent at the beach or by the pool.

SPF Lip Balm

There is nothing worse than sunburn, but there is especially nothing worse than chapped and burnt lips. The sun is stronger with the weather warming up, so between the wind and the sun, something is going to need to protect those puckers. Maybelline’s Baby Lips is one of the best lip finds around and with its moisturizing formula and SPF protection, it’s the perfect balm.

A Beach Bag

You’re going to be in need for a good, durable bag this Spring Break. If you’re on a sunny vacation, a bag that will not be ruined by sand and water but can also hold all your beach essentials is something you need.

No matter where you’re spending Spring Break, enjoy it! This is your time to relax and unwind, so grab whatever you think you’ll need and have a great break.

Image from Maybelline.com

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