Announcing Our ‘Diploma Diaries’ Giveaway Winners

By Managing Editor Kara Apel

We at U Chic are excited to announce the winners of our "Diploma Diaries" giveaway!

For the past two weeks, we've asked you to share what you're most concerned about with the real world. You gave us your honest answers, and we chose the top five to win copies of our guide to post-grad life, "Diploma Diaries."

Here's what our winners had to say!

Candice Alessia Berry:
"I'm most concerned about not being able to find a job, or more specifically, not being able to find a job relevant to my degree. And also paying off student loans!"

"I'm worried about falling out of my fitness routine and not getting back into it!"

Solange Gorleku:
"Oh my goodness, graduation. Thinking about it terrifies me. Well I am most concerned about two things: not being able to find my dream job AND if I get the dream job, it not meeting my expectations and I end up not liking it. Though honestly I think not getting a job post graduation is every ones fear. You want to make sure you wake up everyday and enjoy going to work! Not waking up and dreading it, and wishing you changed your major when you had a chance! So we will see!"
(Congratulations to Solange, who wins both the "Diploma Diaries" book AND this Sesame gift set!)

Charlotte Hua:
"How do I get into the real world? What is the real world? Is the transition difficult? How do I balance work and life? What if I decide to continue education by getting a master's degree? These are some of the questions that bog my mind. I don’t know who I should talk with to answer these questions and for a while, I was wondering if others my age are also concerned with this. College is one of the best years in people’s lives, so is it possible to continue with the glowing period into one’s career?"

"Most worried about paying student loans in a reasonable amt of time + finding that $ in the field I studied"

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