Another Reason To Add UChic Books to Your Holiday Wishlist


Hello U Chicers! As you know, we absolutely love sharing advice on how to make the most of your college experience each and every day here at It's why we decided to release our guide to the college experience — U Chic: The College Girl's Guide to Everything — and our latest guide specifically for freshmen women — U Chic: Getting a Grip on Your Freshman Year, The College Girl’s First Year Action Plan.

So we were thrilled and honored to receive the following reviews last week from NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling), an organization of more than 12,000 professionals from around the world dedicated to serving students as they make choices about pursuing postsecondary education.

We look forward to continuing our long-standing commitment to bringing you the best resources for your fabulous journey in school and beyond for many years to come!


U Chic: The College Girl’s Guide to Everything
By Christie Garton
Sourcebooks, Inc. Publishing (IL)
$14.99, 389 pages, soft cover

Reviewed by Rochelly Ramirez, Graduate Assistant
University of South Florida (FL)

Whether you're having trouble choosing a major, thinking about joining a Greek organization, deciding to live on or off campus, or have unanswered questions regarding the college experience, UChic: The College Girl’s Guide to Everything is a must read. The information provided in this book pertains to women of all ages, regardless of whether they are currently in college, about to graduate from college, or just starting to think about college. This book allows women to learn about the experiences of other women in college, and is organized to cover all aspects of college life including topics that are often overlooked.

Garton is straightforward when addressing questions and concerns that many female students frequently face throughout their college years.

Topics covered include:
• Getting into college
• College living
• Academic difficulties
• Getting involved on campus
• Social media
• Relationship encounters
• Greek life
• Staying healthy and happy
• Frequent temptations
• Finances
• College perks
• Life after graduation

The advice provided in this book is helpful to young women as it provides an accurate description of what it is like as a female college student today’s society. Garton does a great job at categorizing topics and providing tips along the way, making this book an easy and fun read. This book is certainly worth reading in its entirety, and is also a great resource to have as situations or questions arise based on individual experiences. The text is easy to comprehend and purposely organized for all students.

U Chic: The College Girl’s Guide to Everything is a great resource that will provide young women with the support they need to enhance their college experience. Lastly, after reading this book, one can follow up on the web site for continual support and current events!

U Chic: Getting a Grip on Your Freshman Year, The College Girl’s First Year Action Plan
By Christie Garton
Sourcebooks, Inc. Publishing (IL)
$16.99, 181 pages, soft cover

Reviewed by Angela Zgela, Graduate Assistant
University of South Florida (FL)

U Chic’s Getting a Grip on Your Freshman Year: The College Girl’s First Year Action Plan is an interactive guide to success for female students entering college for the first time. The format is conducive to students who like to plan and write their goals and ambitions on paper. The book provides a journal or diary format that documents the reader’s thoughts and plans, as well as goals for success in her first year.

The book includes pop quizzes, action plans, tips, and anecdotes to give the first-year female the information she needs to make the most out of her college experience. Quizzes assess time management skills, possible activities to join, and spending habits, among others.  Suggested action plans encourage the reader to reflect on how she will stay on top of course work, beat homesickness and budget her finances. Stories from other female college students are included to offer advice and share lessons learned.

The chapters follow a logical progression, guiding the reader from the time she steps onto campus through the end of the first year. Each one leaves the reader with a checklist to summarize the topic, as well as where to go for more information.
Topics include:
• Defining Who You Are
• Class Act
• Campus and Community Maven
• Sorority Life
• Relationships
• Healthy Me
• Frosh Finances
• Career Queeen

The last chapter invites the reader to put everything together into an Ultimate Action Plan for her first year. Although the language addresses a first-year population, students at any level may benefit from the advice offered to have a successful college experience. While many great resources are mentioned, and UChic: The College Girl’s Guide to Everything are frequently referenced as two more sources to help female students throughout their college experiences. Pair these with Getting a Grip on Your Freshman Year to navigate a successful first-year of college!


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