An App to Help College Students With Health Advice?

By Megan O'Connell, Student at University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Ever wonder what to do when you are not feeling well during a late night or busy week? The Urgent Care app by GreatCall is an amazing new health care app.

The app, available for Android and iPhone, offers users the ability to talk with a health care provider at all times, so there's no more using the excuse that you are too busy to keep your health in check.

The Urgent Care app is fantastic for college students who are always busy and always hesitant to drag themselves to a new doctor.

The app is free to download and costs $3.99 for every call you make. Each call puts you on the line with a nurse who will triage your medical questions. If a doctor’s advice is needed, the nurse will have a doctor call you back within 30 minutes. According to the app description, “The doctor can give assessments, advice and diagnosis of a wide range of conditions over the phone as well as the ability to prescribe common medications.”

My favorite feature of this app is the search symptoms by body part menu. I have been battling a cold for the past week and this part of the app gave me general advice, at-home remedies and prevention options for the future. I used the service and talked with a nurse who gave me advice on how to take care of myself.

Another fun thing about this app is that if you are having trouble navigating it, you can simple shake your phone and a help screen will appear!

In the event of an emergency, seek medical attention immediately. If you’re simply feeling under the weather or you’ve had a persistent health problem that keeps bothering you, give the app a try. Midterms, Spring Break plans and the quickly-approaching end of the semester are enough to stress out about, so you do not need to be stressing about your health, too!

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