Apps to Help College Students With Organization

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at New York University

Ever since smartphones and tablets started becoming popular among college students, app developers set out to create both useful and entertaining apps suited for students. Below are some of the best apps I’ve found that go above and beyond the basic apps we are all used to.  

StudyBlue Flashcards
When you have an upcoming test, having your study materials on your phone can make studying even easier! With this app from StudyBlue, you can make flashcards using text, pictures and audio for all of your classes and even search flashcards and notes from other students. In addition to having your notes constantly on hand, this app holds your place when you’re taking a study break and reminds you when you need to start studying again.

One of the biggest problems many students have is keeping track of how much money is going in and out of their pockets. The MoneyWiz app allows you to combine and track your checking and savings accounts, your credit card spending, the cash you have in your wallet and most importantly, your student loans. Keep tabs on all of your transactions and manage your bills, then create and stay on top of budgets!

MotionX Sleep
The MotionX Sleep alarm clock is guaranteed to change the way you feel when you wake up! To set up your alarm clock, place your phone under your pillow and this app will monitor your sleep and analyze how much sleep you’re getting. The built-in alarm clock will wake you up at the optimum time, ensuring that you don’t oversleep (which is actually worse for you).

Math Alarm
Speaking of alarm clocks, Math Alarm is the perfect alarm clock for someone who cannot get out of the bed in the morning no matter how hard they try! The Math Alarm app’s alarm clock is completely customizable with different displays and will wake you up with songs from your music library. While snoozing is still an option, you can’t stop the alarm until you answer a math problem.

Forget shuffle, forget online radios, this is the new way to play music. Songza works as a music concierge, creating playlists to fit any mood or event and letting you stream them for free without any ads or skip limits. The types of playlists range and the options are unlimited. From driving music to unwinding, from strutting down the runway to putting on your party dress, you will never be without an appropriate playlist!

Grades 2
More often than not, the question on everyone’s mind during finals time is “What grade do I have to get on the exam to end up with an A?” This app will tell you! In addition to telling you what grades you need to achieve your target score, it will help you monitor and maintain your GPA as well as reminding you when upcoming assignments are due.

Relax Melodies
Sometimes sleeping in a dorm can be difficult. Whether your roommate is pulling an all-nighter or your neighbors are being exceptionally loud, you might need a little help falling asleep. This app is a personalized sound machine, letting you customize and overlap relaxing sounds. Combine rain, thunder and wind for a steady storm or combine campfire and birds for a nature feel. Among the dozens of other sounds you can choose from, there are musical instruments, city sounds and the basic white noise. Finding your perfect sleep sound is easy!

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