Are You and Your Professor on the Same Page? Check the Mindset List.

So, you've been through a week or two of classes and feel like your professors just can't grasp the fact that you're differnet…and at times it feels like you aren't even on the same page. Well, you probably aren't. I mean, they're probably (okay definitely) right about the fact that computers are distractions and that you need to study in order to succeed, but they also have known a world without iPhones, internet and cell phones in general. They grew up in a different time and so it's natural to be on different pages. 

Enter the Mindset List. Put out each year by Beloit College, started in 1998 to give the world an example of what the graduating Class of 2002 knew in their lifetime (that would be people born in 1980), this year's list is full of things that people who graduate in 2010 might find surprising. 

The infographic by gives you a general idea of the things the Class of 2015 (that is, students born in 1993) take for granted, and you can read the entire list here. What are your favorites? What did you find most surprising, tell us in comments! 


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