Backpacks at College, a Do or Don’t?

Freshman often wonder if they should pack their much-loved backpack from high school and bring it to college. College doesn't have a "locker" — most times you're carrying all your books with you, so some sort of "backpack" is necessary. It can be an oversized tote or a traditional Jansport, but whatever it is, look at it as an opportunity to tell people something about you before they even approach you. 

For a more fashionable option, check out this Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Backpack. Made just for a notebook and a couple books. You’ll look stylish and have people around campus go “wow!” It comes in many different colors so you can personalize your style.

If you don’t choose to go for this trendy backpack, Marc Jacobs has a cheaper option made for those trips to the library or study group dates. Check out this Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Knapsack. It comes in different colors and is small enough so it won’t look bulky on your back.

If you choose to go for a tote to put your laptop in, Marc Jacobs has also designed this Pretty Nylon Laptop Tate. It’s simple, cute and would most likely match anything you wear.

For an item that’s most popular around college campus throughout the nation, Incase has created this Campus Pack. It’s the most versatile because it fits books, a laptop, notebooks and a couple other things. This also comes in many colors to personalize your style.

If you choose to go for a simple approach while walking to class, go with a laptop sleeve so you can put your laptop in any bag you choose. This Kate Spade sleeve is cute, affordable and simple enough to carry around.

Keep in mind that whatever you choose to go to class with is up to you! You can choose whatever way you want to represent yourself with a backpack or not! 

— By Lexie Tiongson, San Francisco University

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