Beauty Tricks: Ways To Get Ready Faster in the Morning

By Mikaela Vournas, Student at Cal Poly — San Luis Obispo

You know how it goes. Your alarm goes off the first time, you press snooze and doze off for five more minutes. This process repeats two or three more times until you realize you’re going to be late. 

Scrambling to get to class in the morning is never fun and it frequently leaves you unprepared for the day. However, there are a few easy tricks to help you minimize your morning routine and allow you to arrive at school cool, calm and collected.

One old-school trick is to plan out tomorrow’s outfit the night before. This is even more effective if you find the pieces you are thinking of wearing and lay them out to ensure you are able to find them and that they are clean and presentable. Even if you do decide to change your outfit in the morning, at least you will have a basic idea.

If your clothes are wrinkled, place them on a hanger and leave them in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will soften the wrinkles for you, saving the extra step of ironing or the risk of appearing sloppy.

Another good idea is to master the art of a ponytail or bun or invest in some cute beanies or headbands. In the event of a bad hair day, or if you have no time to shower, this will ensure your hair still looks nice. Dry shampoo is also useful when you’re on a time crunch.

In general, simple makeup is much quicker to apply. Don’t bother with liquid foundations, as they are time-consuming to perfect. Instead, opt for a loose powder that can be swept over your face quickly while still covering any blemishes or imperfections. A quick eyelash curl and swipe of mascara will awaken your eyes and a dash of bronzer or blush should revive your complexion.

Image: Stuart Miles /

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