Book Review: Coming of Age in a Crap Economy

Let’s be honest—it’s harder than ever for students to find a job in an economy that seems to continually be cutting back. Combine that with the looming threat of repaying those student loans (not to mention the dream of one day having an actual salary) and the current college generation is filled with all sorts of doubt and worry.

That’s where Liz Funk steps in. Funk, a 22-year-old journalist and author, is releasing a four-part eBook series called Coming of Age in a Crap Economy.  The series features economic statistics, stories from recent grads and advice for young students to assure them they aren’t alone is this battle.

Funk realizes that the old cultural construct of people in their twenties was excitement, adventure and, somewhere thrown in, a halfway decent salary – with room for improvement of course. Well, that’s all changed now, and Funk’s series is here to help women cope with the new issues that come up, like living at home, unemployment and surviving a crappy job.

The series, which was specifically chosen to be published via eBook in hopes of saving us college kids a few extra dollars, will be available for nook, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Mac/PC download.

Helpful stats, uplifting advice and an affordable price? If only finding a job was this easy.

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