Campus Life: Top 10 Spring Break Locations

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama

As a college student, Spring Break gives you opportunity to break away from your hectic schedule. It's is a chance for you to make lasting memories with your college friends while relaxing, refocusing and recuperating from those stressful midterms.

With Spring Break just weeks away, many of you may be wondering where to go for your ultimate vacation. While the options are endless, I have put together a list of recommended locations for you to consider after researching and taking a poll on my college campus. Remember: The most important part of your trip is to have fun while remembering to stay safe and to know your limits!

The results are in. Here are the top 10 Spring Break locations for 2012:

1. Charleston, S.C.:
Charleston is known for its thriving historical features and rich colonial landmarks. If you’re looking to escape in a “Nicholas Sparks reality,” this location is the perfect place for you and your friends to relax and enjoy the beautiful city of Charleston.

2. Key West, Fla.:
The saying “anything goes” in Key West is still a popular trademark for this friendly and fun place. This spicy little town has the Latin influence you’ll want to experience while being in the Southern-most point of the continental U.S.

3. Orlando, Fla.:
I am personally from Orlando and can tell you this is a fantastic place for you to visit for Spring Break. The theme park options are endless with Universal, Sea World, and of course, Disney World! Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in the “happiest place on earth?” Also, if you are a Harry Potter fan, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the best place for muggles to experience a place where magic lives.

4. Jackson Hole, Wy.:
If you would rather have a more adventurous and thrilling Spring Break experience, try snow skiing or snowboarding. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers you the experience of the great outdoors regardless if you are an experienced or first-time snow skier or snowboarder.

5. Bahamas:
Whether it is a Carnival, Celebrity, Disney or Royal Caribbean cruise, the Bahamas is a hot spot for cruise liners to visit. The Bahamas is the perfect place if you’re searching for some fun in the sun. Also, be sure to check out the Atlantis Resort, which offers opportunities to snorkel and swim with dolphins.

6. San Diego, Calif.:
Influenced by the rich culture of Spanish architecture, beautiful weather, tourist attractions and beaches, San Diego is a famous hot spot for Spring Break vacationers. You’ll be a true “California girl” by the time you leave “the Golden State.”

7. Destin, Fla.:
Destin is a popular and affordable Spring Break location among many college campuses. Known for its white, sandy shores and trendy restaurants, Destin is sure to be on your friends' list of places to consider for Spring Break. Also, close to Destin is the popular “30A,” which ranges from Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove and Rosemary beaches. Biking, tanning and surfing are all popular trends along the Panhandle.

8. New York City:
If you are a city-goer, I recommend escaping to the city of lights and the city that never sleeps. The Big Apple is known for its famous landmarks, food, world-class shopping, Broadway shows and many exciting tourist attractions. Who knows? You might run into a celebrity or famous baseball player when walking the streets of New York or jogging through the beautiful Central Park.

9. Miami, Fla.:
South Beach Miami is a definite place to be for your ultimate Spring Break nightlife experience. If you’re looking for a night on the town, Miami holds one of the largest dance music festivals in the U.S. Have a girl’s night with your friends and enjoy the sidewalk cafes and colorful culture.

10. Mission Trips:
Looking for a different way to spend your Spring Break? Try a mission trip either in the United States or across the globe. This is a truly rewarding experience if you are seeking to benefit specific areas and people outside your culture.

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