Chatting Decor with Dormify Style Advisors

#UChic Talks Decor with Dormify

On Tuesday, July 24, U Chic hosted three Dormify Style Advisors to talk all things dorm room and ideas on how to spice up your space. Here’s what we uncovered!

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Hello tweeters, welcome to the chat! Say hi to our guests @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ & @sarahhbowdenn, Style Advisors at @Dormify! #UChicU Chic
Ok – let’s get this started! Introduce yourself! I’m Morgan, the Social Media Editor for U Chic, USC grad, DC resident…. #UChicU Chic
Hey Everyone! I’m Sabel and I’m so excited to be chatting with @UniversityChic #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic Hi! I’m Amanda, and I started @dormify with my mom @thedormifymom, from MD and working at @dormify all summer in NYC #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@UniversityChic Hi I’m Sarah and I’m a style advisor for @dormify and a second year at UVA. So excited to be chatting tonight! #UChicsarah bowden
@meg_ocon @UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn @dormify Hi! Megan here! #uchicMegan O’Connell
I am Amanda, and I’m a UChic blogger, and upcoming Sophomore in college. #UChic #UChicAmanda Cross
Hi everyone! I’m the U Chic Managing Editor … welcome to the chat! Excited to be here! #UChicKara Apel
@UniversityChic Hi yall! I am the Social Media intern for #Uchic and Recent grad from USC #uchicLaura MacPherson
@UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn @dormify Hi! I’m Katie! check out my blog guys! #UChicKate Stuart
@UniversityChic How can I make my dorm room look chic and expensive without spending so much money? #UChicKate Stuart
@allglamedup @UniversityChic DIY, rearrange your furniture or play with color! #UChicSabel Harris
Let’s get started with the questions… Where do you go to find interior design inspiration? @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic I find design inspiration from catalogs, Pinterest, decor magazines & DIY blogs! Where do you find ideas? #UChicU Chic
I like to look at Pinterest and also see what my friends have in their apartments. A trip to BB&B always helps! #UChicKara Apel
@UniversityChic I get inspiration from current fashion trends & blogs. The NYC office loves @kellywearstler & I love @byEmily #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
I usually tend to find my interior design ideas on places like Pinterest, Polyvore, and Hobby Lobby. I am also a sucker for HGTV! #UChicAmanda Cross
@UniversityChic I like looking at what my fellow @dormify Style Advisors come up with, but I love @designsponge #inspiration #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest as well as some blogs #UChicKate Stuart
@i_am_MANDZ What is your must have look for the fall? I am loving all the chevron patterns! #uchic #uchicLaura MacPherson
@Laurza89 I’m loving tribal prints & geometric patterns. Mixing and matching patterns in your bedding creates a unique, eclectic look #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@i_am_MANDZ Also loving tribal! #uchic #uchicMegan O’Connell
Loving chevron right now 2! RT @Laurza89 @i_am_MANDZ What is your must have look for the fall? I am loving all the chevron patterns! #UChicU Chic
@sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn – What trends are going to be hot 4 back 2 school this fall? colors, patterns, furniture? #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn Ikat Poufs! #uchicDormify
@UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ black and white with pops of color is my favorite trend! #UChicsarah bowden
@sarahhbowdenn couldn’t agree with you more 😉 #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic Pops of BRIGHT color! Think teals and pinks. #uchicSabel Harris
@sabelelizabeth @sarahhbowdenn – How can I incorporate pops of colors into my dorm room? #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic Black + white and mixing up neutrals (like brown + black, tan + black, beige + silver, etc). #uchicDormify
@UniversityChic Stick with a neutral background & add pops that are in the same family! Use throw pillows, flowers and frames to POP #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth Pillows with cool patterns or colors as well as wall tapestries and pic frames! #UChicsarah bowden
@allglamedup @meg_ocon @Laurza89 — Where do you find decor inspiration? #UChicU Chic
@universitychic One of my favorite fashion blogs is @mackenziehoran and of course I love Pinterest as well!! #uchic #uchicLaura MacPherson
Could pick out floral bouquets from hobby lobby for days! I make a new one each season! #UChicMegan O’Connell
Haha love that you do this! RT @meg_ocon: Could pick out floral bouquets from hobby lobby for days! I make a new one each season! #UChicU Chic
@meg_ocon I agree. I am definitely going to a store that sells those to add some color to my apartment this fall! #UChicAmanda Cross
@allglamedup Pinterest is popular with everyone in the chat! What design blogs do you read? #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic I LOVE House of Turquoise and Song of Style #UChicKate Stuart
@allglamedup @UniversityChic my obsession with @pinterest is unhealthy #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@i_am_MANDZ Same here! The amount of time I spend on Pinterest is sickening! #pinterestobsessed #UChicU Chic
@i_am_MANDZ True for me as well. I am a Pinterest addict, but I am okay with that. 🙂 #UChicAmanda Cross
This isn’t a new trend … but I love anything that is monogrammed and pink. Pretty much describes my room to a T. #UChicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel Monogrammed & pink is so your style! What do you monogram in your apartment decor? #UChicU Chic
@universitychic I monogram bath towels, sheets, pillowcases – pretty much everything! It’s a cute way to spice up plain items. #UChicKara Apel
@UniversityChic @Kara_Apel Also our A-Z prints are a chic, modern take on traditional monogram for your walls! #uchicDormify
These trends are awesome, but how can you decorate a space on a college student budget? @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic Pinterest is a great base to scour for amazing DIY tips while still staying college budget friendly! #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic Reversible duvets are great for students on a budgets bc you get two looks for the price of one! #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known about dorm life? #UChicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel Utilize wall space! Try hanging bags, art that you made yourself or @dormify A to Z prints to make the space you! #uchicSabel Harris
How do u mix patterns 4 a small dorm? RT @sarahhbowdenn Pillows with cool patterns or colors as well as wall tapestries & pic frames! #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic pick patterns that compliment each other by being in the same color scheme& mix a pattern or two. don’t go overboard! #UChicsarah bowden
@sabelelizabeth What DIY projects are good for college students? #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic I am a fan of DIY projects You can also hang jewelry on walls with hooks&fabric for a cool look #Uchicsarah bowden
@UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth Of course there are tons of tips here too for #DIY #dorm #uchicDormify
@UniversityChic I’m a big fan of taking blank canvases doing w/e your heart de

sires Painting, modpodging…possibilities are endless! #uchicSabel Harris

Now we know what’s trendy… Any advice on coordinating decor with new roommates? @dormify @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic Well besides reversible duvets, roommates can pick a unifying color & style beds differently to fit their personality #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@UniversityChic @dormify you don’t have to have all the same things but try to communicate a mutual feel& color scheme when planning #UChicsarah bowden
@UniversityChic Talk to your roommate as soon as possible … it’ll be hard to coordinate if you’ve both already bought dorm stuff! #UChicKara Apel
@sabelelizabeth speaking of wall space – how in the world do I hang things on my dorm wall? #NoNailsAllowed #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic 3M Command Strips WILL change your life. I promise. Stock up. #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@UniversityChic this is a requirement for your dorm room #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
Wish I would’ve known about these in college … RT @i_am_mandz: 3M Command Strips WILL change your life. I promise. Stock up. #uchicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel @i_am_mandz Wish they existed when I was!Nicole Gardner
@UniversityChic My parents would never trust me with a hammer…hence @3MNews command strips! #uchicSabel Harris
In my dorm the command strips didn’t work too well. But my roommate had Loctite Fun-Tak and it’s pretty good, and removes easy! #UChicAmanda Cross
@AmandaJPCross Thanks for the advice! What do you usually hang on your dorm walls? #UChicU Chic

Our winning tweet for the night came from Amanda Cross here:

@UniversityChic I love to hang canvases on my wall. I am also fond of wall stickers/decals because they add color and remove easily. #UChicAmanda Cross
@i_am_MANDZ Did you pick a common color palette with your roommate? #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic Yes,my freshman year! We had matching sheets, different duvets, &gray was our unifying color. Diff throw pillows too! #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
What unexpected challenges did you face when decorating your dorm? @dormify @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic I overestimated the amount of space I had. It was had to get everything to fit. Brought way too many clothes … #UChicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel I think every college girl over packs her clothes! My closet was FULL my first semester too #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic @Kara_Apel Same thing happened to me! Second semester I had to change my ways #UChicsarah bowden
@UniversityChic i tried putting mirror tiles on my wall.. you need to have enough of command strips so they dont fall& crack @ night #UChicsarah bowden
Just organized my shoes and some of my magazines on a bookshelf 🙂 #UChic Stuart
@allglamedup Love the chevron baskets at the top! #UChicU Chic
Zig zag = so hot right now “@UniversityChic: @allglamedup Love the chevron baskets at the top! #UChic”Dormify
“@dormify: Zig zag = so hot right now “@UniversityChic: @allglamedup Love the chevron baskets at the top! #UChic”” I know! I’m obsessed..Kate Stuart
Is it worth investing in $$$$$ furnishings for college? @dormify @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic It depends. If you are living on campus most of the time, then yes for a great set of sheets and duvet you love! #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic Invest in some great pieces, like an awesome duvet cover and dec pillows. Save on storage & #DIY. #uchicDormify
I didn’t spend too much for dorm stuff, and I am glad I didn’t because i can’t really use the sheet sets anymore in my apartment. #UChicAmanda Cross
@i_am_mandz @UniversityChic @dormify @sabelelizabeth A mattress pad also does WONDERS for a dorm bed. #UChicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel Is it too much that I had two mattress pads? #restfulsleep #uchicSabel Harris
One of my friends buys a nice new piece of furniture at the beginning of each year #UChicMegan O’Connell
@UniversityChic For your dorm you probably wont need to invest in anything more than a refrigerator. Your feelings may change for apt #UChicsarah bowden
@sarahhbowdenn @UniversityChic I agree … I got all new stuff for my first apt. Got a cheap comforter for dorm room. #UChicKara Apel
@UniversityChic I would say no…unless you are moving into a place off campus that you can take the furniture beyond college. #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic @dormify @sabelelizabeth Bedding is definitely worth the splurge #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
Should I select a duvet that can transition into post-college style? RT @i_am_MANDZ: Bedding is definitely worth the splurge #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic Sometimes people like to buy a full/queen size for that reason! Let it hang on the sides in your twin xl. #uchicDormify
@universitychic I still have my quilt from freshman year and use it as an accent piece! it’s pink of course ! #uchicLaura MacPherson
“@Laurza89: @universitychic I still have my quilt from freshman year and use it as an accent piece! it’s pink of course ! #uchic” Love!Dormify
Same! RT @Laurza89: @universitychic I still have my quilt from freshman year and use it as an accent piece! its pink of course ! #uchicSabel Harris
@dormify what do you think are some essentials for a new apartment bedroom? @UniversityChic #UChicAshley Yenick
@dormify @Ashhyen @UniversityChic @i_am_MANDZ a long mirror, a comfy bed, a shoe organizer, lots of pillows, & funky pic frames #UChicsarah bowden
@Ashhyen Bedding! After a full day’s work you’ll want to come back to a bed you just LOVE! #uchicSabel Harris
@Ashhyen @UniversityChic Would have to say a POUF! Versatile as table or chair! #uchicDormify
@Ashhyen A POUF! One piece of furniture, used as a coffee table, extra seat, or ottoman! More of our apt faves: #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@UniversityChic @dormify All this talk about the poufs and has got me thinking that it’s time for me to get one! #uchicSabel Harris
@dormify @Ashhyen @UniversityChic I definitely want to buy a pouf. Way too cute! #UChicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel @dormify @UniversityChic Agreed! A cute patterned one like one from @dormify would look so cute in my new room! #UchicAshley Yenick
@UniversityChic Thanks so much! So excited to learn some good advice for my dorm/apartment decorating! #UChicAshley Yenick
@UniversityChic Also, I would splurge on a comfy throw blanket #necessity #uchic Zuckerman
@sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn What are some cool things I can use to save space? #UChicU Chic
If you live in a dorm I would suggest buying bed risers or loft equipment if you can. There’s so much under bed space you can use! #UChicAmanda Cross
@AmandaJPCross YES YES! #uchicSabel Harris
@UniversityChic Can’t forget about the Loft Bed! Store stuff underneath and surprisingly gives your room a "fresh" heightened take! #uchicSabel Harris
@sabelelizabeth @AmandaJPCross AGREED! Stack lots of plastic drawers under your bed! #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@i_am_mandz @sabelelizabeth @AmandaJPCross I had six plastic drawers underneath my bed freshman year. And a full closet. Yikes! #UChicKara Apel
@Kara_Apel @i_am_mandz @sabelelizabeth @AmandaJPCross #toomanyclothes #uchicDormify
@UniversityChic @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ In closet organizers are life savers! Check out these from @dormify #UChicsarah bowden
@dormify Do you think it’s too much of a fashion faux pas to have white furniture with white walls? @UniversityChic #UChicA

shley Yenick

@Ashhyen Depends! White on white can be sooo chic a la @rachelzoe in her home. #uchicDormify
@Ashhyen No! Throw color and personality into your room w/your bedding and wall decor, like @dormify A to Z prints and wall decals #uchicAmanda Zuckerman
@Ashhyen I love the starkness of white…but don’t let it drown you so remember to add pops of color! #uchicSabel Harris
@Ashhyen Props to you for keeping white clean! My space would be filthy and white for only 2 minutes haha #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic Haha Thanks! I’m afraid to see what my room will look like after I have winter break! #UChicAshley Yenick
@UniversityChic how would you suggest cheering up a north-facing room with an olive green accent wall? #uchicDanielle
@followyourbiss Balance is the key and stick to colors that would complement the accent wall! #uchicSabel Harris
@followyourbiss pinks and floral prints! Sounds just like my room 🙂 #UChicMegan O’Connell
@followyourbiss Hot pink accents can look so great yet unexpected against a drab green. #uchicDormify
A BIG BIG BIG thank you to @dormify @sabelelizabeth @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn! Loved your #dormtips advice! #UChicU Chic
@UniversityChic @dormify LOVED being a part of this chat! #uchicSabel Harris
Great chat! Thx @UniversityChic and our girls @i_am_MANDZ @sarahhbowdenn @sabelelizabeth you rock! #uchicDormify
And of course send questions our way anytime for help with your dorm + apt dilemmas! #uchic #dormtipsDormify
Awesome chat guys!! #UChicKate Stuart
PS: Stay tuned to tomorrow for a BIG blog announcement! #UChicU Chic
And join us in August for another great twitter chat! #UChicU Chic

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