Cheap (But Chic) Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day on Campus

By Kelly Leslie, Student at San Francisco State University

The corner florists have stocked up with roses, daisies and carnations; the grocery store aisles are lined with chocolates and sweetheart candies; girls in the hall are eagerly discussing their date night ideas for Thursday … Valentine’s Day has definitely arrived. Still haven’t made any plans for the big day? It’s never too late to celebrate, even on a college budget. Here are some fun, and cheap ideas for all you chictsters who are still undecided about how to spend the evening!

Planning an expensive date night can be stressful and sometimes unnecessary, especially for a young relationship. Is this your first Valentine’s Day together? Skip the expensive gifts and dinner reservations for two. Make your sweetheart a homemade card, letting him know how much you enjoy having him in your life.

Don’t stress about dinner plans. Believe it or not, a night at the campus dining hall can be just as romantic. Sit at a table for two instead of gathering for dinner with your usual group of friends. Top it off with a movie night and your favorite holiday candy for dessert. As long as you are together the night will be special, and the memory of Valentine’s Day in the dorms will last for a lifetime.

Want to break out of your usual dining hall routine? Grab a to-go bag and meet up with some blankets and hot cocoa for a sunset picnic. There is nothing more romantic than sitting in the brisk air and watching the beautiful colors of the setting sun with your significant other. Do you happen to live in a city with snow on the ground? Sitting by a warm fireplace is just as special. It doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or out, just find somewhere cozy on campus and make the night about each other.

Enjoying being single but still want to celebrate? Gather your girlfriends together for a ladies' night. What’s more fun than chick flicks, sweets and an all-nighter with your closest friends? Have everyone bring their favorite rom-com and a snack to share.

Want to do something different for a change? Make it a clothing swap! Every girl has nice clothes in the back of her closet that she knows she’ll never wear again. Why not trade them for something new? It’s like shopping without spending! Invite the girls on your dorm room floor to get together in the common room and share snacks and the treasures from their closets. This is a great way to catch up with old friends and maybe even meet some new ones. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about couples anyway?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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