Checklist for the Perfect Holiday Function Outfit

By Rachael Smith, Student at Radford University

The transition into the cold winter months can be a tricky one, especially if you’re going out at night and want to dress up. The weather may be warm (if you're lucky) during the day with the sun heating you up, but when the sun goes down, it's frigid.

The process you use to choose your attire for the night should first depend on where you are going.

Fraternity Party
This is where you can sport a dress or tank top only because frat parties are commonly overcrowded with students dancing. But bring a coat to put in a safe, hidden place that you can find when you leave. I also suggest wearing “back-up jacket,” one that you wouldn't mind losing or having something spilled on it. And never wear white! White gets dirty quick and if you don’t spill on yourself, someone else will. Also, wear flats! Heels will hurt by the end of the night and you become a target for policemen … because the likelihood of falling in heels over flats is definitely higher.
KIDM (Keys, ID, Makeup): Keys should either go on a tight clutch around your arm that you know you won’t lose or on a hairtie around your wrist (this is very common for college girls), ID should go in some kind of pocket and don’t even bother carrying around makeup, it will all sweat off.

Apartment party
Wear a cute pair of dark skinny jeans, a cute party top and a scarf. You will be comfortable hanging around in your jeans and can take off the scarf if it gets toasty. Bring a cute sweater and a pea coat to wear over it. For shoes, wear a cute pair of boots or flats. This is the place to wear your new clothes you have been waiting to show off! KIDM: Bring a purse or a cute clutch that will fit all of these items.

Office Party
This would probably be a professional setting with your co-workers and boss. Wear something modest but fashionable. I suggest a black high-wasted skirt and a cute top with tights and heels or a party dress that touches the knee and a cardigan. Wear those heels that you love but never wear! They may hurt after a while but this setting probably has comfy chairs or couches. KIDM: a small purse that hangs over the shoulder or a cute clutch.


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