Chic But Cheap Gifts for Your BFF

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama

Gifts from your best friend can be one of the most meaningful gifts you receive during the holidays. Now it’s your turn to return the favor. However, shopping for your best friend can get a little expensive.

Here are five gift ideas for your best friend that will be sure to add meaning to the holidays without going over budget.

Mixed CD:
A great DIY gift to make for your best friend is a mix CD. The selections could include songs from his or her favorite movies, songs that make you think of your best friend, holiday songs or songs about friendship. Here’s a collection of the top best friend songs.

Emi-Jay Hair Ties:
By now, you may have noticed a new fashion trend on campus: Emi-Jay hair ties. Who knew a fashion trend would result from a hair tie? They’re cute, fashionable, you can get them in numerous colors or patterns and these hair ties are said to not leave a crease in your hair. Plus, celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Kristen Bell, Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted wearing Emi-Jays.

Shadow Box:
A Shadow Box is a great way to display you and your best friend’s memories, trinkets, inside jokes and pictures all in one frame. You can fill the shadow box with movie tickets from movies you’ve seen together, letters, pictures, a map of all the places you’ve been together, celebrity crushes, your best friend’s hobbies or lyrics from your best friend’s favorite song. Check out Walmart for great deals on shadow box frames. Here's an idea from Pinterest on how to do it.

Gift Card:
Who can say no to a Starbucks or a Target gift card? If you are absolutely stumped as to what to get your best friend, I recommend giving your best friend a gift card from either his or her favorite shopping place or restaurant. Here’s a crafty way to spread your appreciation with a gift card from Starbucks.

“52 Reasons You’re My Best Friend”
Wondering why there are 52 reasons? It’s because there are 52 cards in a deck. This awesome DIY gift is the most creative gift I have come across in craft ideas. You whole punch an entire set of cards and bind them together with book rings. On each card you write reason why you consider your friend is your best friend. This website gives you an entire tutorial on how to craft this meaningful gift.

[Image from the 52 Reasons I Love You website]

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