Chic But Cheap Gifts for Your Boss

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time for holiday parties and fun with your family and friends.

During this time of year, there’s also work Christmas parties to attend to, which means getting a gift for your boss. Don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry! We’ve found five great DIY gift ideas under $20!

For the Beauty-Obsessed Boss:
For bosses who love beauty products, we’ve got the great ideas for you! We’ve found a DIY sea salt scrub and a holiday-themed candy sugar scrub, which are both incredibly easy to make.

Click here to see the salt scrub recipe, which can be made for under $20. This blogger has other ideas for DIY products you can make for someone else or even yourself!

A DIY candy cane sugar scrub is also a festive and fun gift. This website has all of the ingredients for this recipe for the sugar scrub and directions on how to create the candy cane swirl for your scrub box. And this scrub is available with an entire kit so all you have to do is follow the recipe!

For the Boss Who Loves to Read:
If your boss loves to read, we have the perfect gift for him or her! This inspirational novel about the late Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson is your golden ticket. It contains over 40 interviews conducted with Jobs about life and entrepreneurship. You can buy it at for $18.80.

For the Boss who Loves to Bake:
If your boss loves to bake, we found two great DIY recipes you can make.

First up, we have a Quick Bread in a Bottle, which makes chocolate chip oatmeal bread. The bottle contains all of the ingredients, so all you need to do is mix it and put it in the oven. This is perfect for bosses who want to bake but don’t have a lot of time.

Another recipe we found that would be great for a boss is homemade ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream, and this is perfect for bosses who love sweets! Plus, it's easy to make.

For the Boss Who Loves Entertaining:
This great DIY project helps you make monogrammed glitter champagne glasses. You can easily create these fun glasses using glue, glitter and painter’s tape!

For the Boss Who Loves Candles:
Our final idea is for the bosses who love candles. We got this idea from the December 2002 issue of Martha Stewart Magazine. These Teacup Light candles are so cute and cost close to nothing! To make these candles even more creative, you can grab an antique teacup and give a cool twist to these candles.

We hope these ideas help you find the perfect present for your boss. Happy shopping, and on behalf of UChic, have a great, safe and happy holiday!

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