Chic But Cheap Gifts For Your Sorority Sisters

By Rachael Smith, Student at Radford University

Purchasing Christmas gifts has definitely changed now that we're in college.

When we were younger, our parents may have bought the gifts and said they were from us, but obviously they weren’t since we had no income at age 6. In high school, we had part-time jobs and could start affording nice gifts for friends and family, but here in college, we have so many other dues to pay. Some of us are paying for rent, textbooks, food and even our entire education, so we have become a bit stiff in the “spreading of the Christmas dough” department.

You have to give to mom, dad, siblings, etc., so when it comes to your sorority sisters, go cheap … but chic!

1. Have a Lilly Holiday
What sister doesn’t like Lilly Pulitzer? My sisters are completely obsessed, especially my little. I plan on making Lilly coasters for her, which are so easy to put together. Grab four or five bathroom tiles, get some corkboard from an art store, Mod Podge and print out your favorite Lilly prints.

Each coaster will have a different print and will be glossed over with Mod Podge so there is no damage to the paper on the tile. If you’re short on time, the Southern Monogram will do it for you on Esty for $14, but she is basically doing what you can at home.

2. Bubbles are back!
These J.Crew-inspired bubble/bib necklaces are so popular right now. I’m getting the turquoise one for myself, but they come in several colors. These look so cute with a plain business button-down and add a burst of color! These are $17.99, but you can find more on Etsy.

3. Sisters constantly running late?
Get them a cute (and super cheap) watch! Why pay top dollar for a real Michael Kors watch when there are so many out there that look so alike? No one really knows the difference unless they are getting uncomfortably close to your wrist … and that’s weird. Check out this one from Nordstrom for $18!

4. DIY this Christmas!
A trend that a lot of sororities have caught on to is the chevron look. Sisters want it on their clothes, accessories, bedding, everywhere! So this year, make your sisters chevron canvases. This website will give you step-by-step instructions and if you’re feeling extra confident, add in their initials to monogram it off. We all know how much sisters love to monogram everything!

5. Tumbler
Personalize your sisters’ very own tumbler with your sorority name on it. These are so cute and it can be used over and over again for her everyday needs! This is such a perfect gift, because, hello, everyone uses cups. Check out this one on Etsy available for $10.

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