Chic (But Cheap) Winter Outfit Ideas for a Night on the Town

By Ashley Yenick, Student at Merrimack College

If you’re like me, you stare at your closet looking for outfits to put together in your head for the perfect outfit. Sometimes, you get frustrated and find that there’s nothing for you to wear.

So, what do you do if your girls just invited you out to the movies? Are you going to a huge college party? Or how about a crush that just asked you out on a date?

Not to worry! We’re here to help you with your fashion crisis! I’ve created three great outfit ideas on Polyvore to help.


cheapp (but chic) date night outfit #1

Have a date with a cutie? Being that we’re in the height of winter right now, we need to dress warm on dates, but it’s hard to look cute.

For this look, we found a cute sweater to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. This look is a simple bold colored cardigan and plain white T-shirt with colorful shoes. This outfit would look best with dark jeans and these bold shoes.

These loafers are so in this season! These shoes with studs have been seen in every single store that I’ve been into recently. These bold blue shoes match perfectly with cardigan to give that casual vibe.

This look is so versatile so you’re able to go to the movies or out to a nice restaurant. Finish off this look with a simple gold necklace and vióla! You are ready for your date with your crush!

cheap but chic winter outfit #2

This next look is perfect for a girl’s night! Whether you’re going to the mall with your friends, the movies, bowling or just hanging out, this look is a great casual look.

The denim shirt featured in this set would look great open with a vintage band T-shirt like this Rolling Stones one.

Layering during the winter is the key to staying warm, so I thought that these layers would be great in addition to wearing a winter coat. Add plain black leggings for comfort and studded boots for an edgy vibe! Studs are everywhere now: on shirts, leggings, shoes, bags, bracelets and even headbands.

What’s great about these pieces is that they can all be worn again separately for different outfits! U Chic tip: If you were to get a good pair of boots, it’s better to splurge so they last longer!

cheap but chic outfit #3

This next winter outfit idea is for a party. Know a hot party that’s going to be on campus this weekend? Don’t know what to wear? We got you covered there, too!

Especially in the winter time, you don’t want to be hauling a winter coat around with you to parties. It’s going to be to big and bulky in your arms and you might end up losing it at the party you’re at. I thought a nice alternative to a winter coat would be a nice leather jacket.

Tribal prints are also in this season and this skirt would compliment a plain grey tank top like this one from Forever 21. At parties, chances are you’re going to be hot and cramped up and squished with other people in small rooms, so that’s why I went with the tank top for when you get inside the party.

I added tights and boots to help keep you warm on your trek to and from the party. Instead of not wearing tights, you can always switch it up with leggings to help keep you warm. I also added riding boots, but this outfit can also be worn with heels. Here’s another U Chic tip: For those girls who are 21 and able to drink, be super careful when being handed a drink by someone. Also, make sure to never ever put your drink down.

We hope you like these outfit ideas and that they help you solve your fashion dilemmas!

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