College Trivia Month: Day 6


So, you guys think you're totally super-smarties when it comes to celebrity college trivia, huh? Well, today's trivia question is going to require y'all to maybe dig a little deeper (and in some cases, make a trip to the nearest grocery or drug store check-out counter to do research).

QUESTION:  In the September issue of People StyleWatch, Katherine Heigl is pictured wearing a baseball cap supporting which Southern school? (Hint: They're really big fans of Star Wars!)


Make sure to get your guesses in (via the comments section of this page OR just drop us a line on our U Chic Facebook Fanpage) by 5PM EST today for chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Original Retro Brand Clothing! (This week's winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon after we run the answer to Friday's trivia question.)

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